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Wilder Celebrates 20 Years

Posted on Wednesday, September 5, 2018 at 10:45 am

September 1 marked Tracy City Police Chief Charlie Wilder’s 20 years of service in law enforcement. After 12 years in Coffee County, beginning in 1998, Wilder came to Tracy City in 2011.
Beginning his law enforcement career in Coffee County, Wilder served first as a jailer. He was promoted to deputy and worked as a road officer, and later promoted to investigator, a position he held for eight years.
In 2011, Wilder came to Tracy City as a patrol officer and was named police chief in 2014.
During his years of service, Wider has seen the pendulum swing from a trust of law enforcement to a period of distrust.
“Fortunately, I see that pendulum swing back slowly to an attitude of trust,” Wilder told the Herald.
With an open door policy, Wilder says he has never refused a meeting with anyone in the community.
What accomplishments has Wilder seen in the past four years?
“Our call volume has quadrupled,” stated Wilder. “This shows that citizens are relying on the police. You call us, and we are coming; we will do whatever we can to solve the issue.”
Wilder says that although call volume has increased, the crime rate in the town is down. He attributes this to more proactive police work.
“I enjoy serving the Tracy City community,” said Wilder. Referring to public opinion of law enforcement, Wilder concluded, “You don’t have to like me, but let me help you.”