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“Why My Mom Rocks” Winners Announced

Posted on Thursday, May 28, 2015 at 10:06 am

Alicia Scissom

FIRST PLACE ALICIA SCISSOM ($60 Tan Package From New Wave & Dinner at Papa Ron’s)My mom rocks because she works to feed me and my sisters, to get us what we need, to make sure we have, to make sure we get what we want and or need. My mom rocks and I don’t think anyone can say she doesn’t. I love her and she rocks because she does everything she possibly can from working herself to death or jumping in front of a train for us. My mom totally ROCKS!!

shelly landis

SECOND PLACE SHELLY LANDIS (Dinner at Papa Ron’s) Yep this won’t surprise that many people that really know me why my mom rocks! First of all she is the most caring, kind hearted, loving, and giving person I know!! This Lady right here has had one of the hardest, most challenging life I know of. But No matter what has been thrown at her, she has overcome it, and came out stronger! Even at her darkest moment in her life, she still found some good out of it to help other people! Always Giving! And no matter when you see her she will always have a smile on her face! I just pray I can be half the Daughter, Mother, Sister, And Friend she is, Love you Miss Daisy

Emily Rhea

THIRD PLACE EMILY RHEA (Dinner at Papa Ron’s) My name is Emily Rhea, I would like to nominate my mom Missy Rhea. She rocks because she is the most selfless person in the world. She would give her shirt right off her back to anyone in need. She is the mother of 3 and has taken on the roll to another when she didn’t have to. She is the best Grammy to her granddaughter Kinly and does everything in her power to make sure her family is taken care of. She always puts us first. That’s why she rocks!