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“We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”

Posted on Thursday, April 9, 2020 at 2:04 pm

Falon Meeks
“We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” is a song played almost daily in my home. My son Parker goes to Pre-K at Tracy City Elementary School and came home last September wanting to show me a song (with motions) that he learned. It was this song!
His singing brought back memories of me doing “the bear hunt” when I was in Kindergarten (fun fact: my teacher then, Mrs. Bouldin, is the grandmother of Parker’s Pre-K teacher). I have tried to continue my kids’ regular routine through this season of our lives. So we will sing the bear hunt song and act out the motions.
My family was walking through our little neighborhood a week ago, and my daughter pointed at a candle in a neighbor’s window. I thought how observant of a three year old. We then started hunting for different objects to go along with letters of the alphabet. Parker would sporadically sing various words to song.
I looked on Facebook that night, typed in “bear hunt,” and saw that there were several groups of communities putting bears in the windows of their homes for kids to hunt and find. What a cool idea!
I made a post that evening to gauge the interest… hoping my neighbors would team up with me and help provide a bear hunt for our kiddos. Within just a couple of minutes, the response was overwhelming – wonderfully overwhelming!
Stephanie Byers suggested we start a group on Facebook for our community to share pictures and hunts. And so we did. What started as a couple bears on Hoot Hill, and one here and there throughout Tracy City, quickly grew to over 500 in every city in only two days. By day four, we had 870 members (some hunt and some are bear owners) and around 250 listed addresses of bears!
Thanks to the help of Margaret Thomas, the Facebook group continues to be updated. Several people listed their addresses, or general location, to help others locate the bears. And, several people didn’t share an address.
The simple rules
Let’s go on a bear hunt. Place a bear in the windows of your home. If your home is too far off the road, place it by your mailbox or place it at the end of your driveway. Please share the general area/street of your bear. Put your kids in the car or take them for a walk. Hunt for bears, then take pictures and post them.
Making memories
It is now more than just bears. People are placing lions, cheetahs, unicorns, large toys, and pretty much everything in between in their windows and yards. If someone doesn’t have a bear, they put out what they can find. And that’s magnificent.
While we are traveling through this period of uncertainty with Covid-19, I don’t want my kids to remember this with fear and worry and toilet paper chatter. I want my kids, all of our kids, to look back and think, “Oh yeah, that’s when I went with my family on a bear hunt!”
And recall all the wonderful memories they made!