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UDC General Convention

Posted on Friday, November 22, 2019 at 1:55 pm

Three members of the Kirby-Smith Chapter 327, United Daughters of the Confederacy, attended the 126th Annual General Convention in Atlanta, this month. Thirty-three states have United Daughters of the Confederacy chapters and most of the states had at least one person in attendance.
Local representatives attended workshops and the Tennessee Division received several certificates throughout the weekend. The Three Crosses of Military Service Medals and a Homeland Defense Service Medal were presented at a dinner during the convention and the guest speaker was Captain Tommy Clack, US Army.
Captain Clack lost both his legs and his right arm in Vietnam when a rocket propelled grenade struck his right foot and detonated. Barely alive and with massive injuries, he was airlifted to the 12th Evac Hospital. Upon arrival, he showed no signs of life and was laid in a line of deceased soldiers. A surgeon happened to lift the tarp covering him, realized he was still alive and rushed him to surgery.
At a second dinner, attendees heard reports from all the states in attendance.
A “SEC Meets the UDC” theme night was held at which attendees were encouraged to wear the colors of their favorite SEC team. The University of Tennessee was well represented with orange on the ladies from the Tennessee Division.
A Memorial Service was also held.

Pictured at the UDC General Convention are (l to r): Patricia Street, Becky Odell, and Syble Throneberry.