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Threats Made to Coach Result in Resignation

Posted on Thursday, February 13, 2020 at 11:30 am

Grundy County High School’s head baseball coach has resigned his position.

Marty Doino, who was hired  seven months ago, in August of 2019, resigned his position as head baseball coach after receiving threats against himself and his family.

The threats began in December. Doino found a threatening, handwritten letter on his car commanding him to quit his head coaching position. He turned the letter over to school officials, but he remained on the job. That all changed when he received a second letter threatening his family. When he received this second letter, Doino resigned to protect his family.

The letters did not stop after his resignation. He received a third, typed letter after he resigned. In this letter, the writer took back all the threats and said the whole thing was a joke.

The matter was turned over to the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office after Doino found the first threatening letter. Sheriff Clint Shrum said his office is continuing to investigate the threats and they are not limiting their search to adults. All age groups, including parents, students, and teachers, are being considered in the investigation. The handwriting on the first two threatening letters is being observed. The actual letters may offer the biggest clues in the search for the culprit(s).

A new head baseball coach has been hired and will be officially voted on at the school board meeting this Thursday.