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The Wild Side of Tennessee

Posted on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 9:14 am



Tennessee State Parks is now a partner and sponsor of “Tennessee’s Wild Side,” which is in its 14th season. The show airs on all six PBS stations in Tennessee.

“This is a picture perfect fit as we share a similar mission,” Tennessee State Parks Deputy Commissioner Brock Hill said. “We want people to know what outdoor adventures are available to them in Tennessee and how valuable nature is to all of us. A quality show like “Tennessee’s Wild Side” gets that message across in an entertaining way.”

Tennessee’s Wild Side” takes viewers on outdoor adventures, with an emphasis on protecting wildlife and preserving natural resources. Wild Side camera crews have captured such stories as an adventurous canoe trip among eagles and ancient cypress trees at Reelfoot Lake, the thrilling challenges of navigating whitewater, hiking and horseback excursions across Tennessee trails, rock climbing and rappelling on the Cumberland Plateau, mountain biking, following migratory birds through Frozen Head State Park, efforts to preserve threatened and endangered species, and volunteers building the 300-mile Cumberland Trail.

“Thanks to our partnership with Tennessee State Parks, “Tennessee’s Wild Side” can devote even more time and effort to stories dealing with environmental issues and conservation,” director Steve Hall said. “We want to give our audience an exciting, visual encyclopedia of outdoor adventure and activities…an archive of things to do and a digital history of the efforts underway to preserve and protect our natural resources.”

The partnership is the latest step in the association between the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and Renaissance Center Media Productions. Recently, the production company created the documentary, Montgomery Bell State Park- Shelter for the Soul. Friends of Montgomery Bell State Park, a non-profit group, are using proceeds from sale of the video for park improvements.