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Subpoena Issued for Previos Abuse Records at GCHS

Posted on Monday, November 6, 2017 at 4:09 pm

GCSO issues subpoena to DOS Kinsey for records relating to previous abuse
Grundy County Director of Schools Jessie Kinsey was served a subpoena last Tuesday, requiring her to turn over all records of reported hazing, abuse, and/or sexual abuse over the past five years in the school system to the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office.
When asked if these records were requested because of an indication of unreported past incidents, Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum stated that the request was part of a process as they look into unanswered questions. He further stated he had unconfirmed reports that previous incidents may have gone unreported.
The subpoena specifically requested records from Grundy Schools’ central office. The school system has 30 days to respond to the subpoena.
Five charged on house arrest
The request for records follows the arrest of five GCHS football players for attempted aggravated rape, and the suspension of the football team’s head coach Casey Tate.
At an initial court hearing last week, Judge Trey Anderson recused himself from hearing the case and the Herald has since learned that Juvenile Judge Tim Brock, from Coffee County, will preside over the case. An original court date of November 15 could still hold as the new judge was quickly appointed.
The five players arrested remain on house arrest and continue to wear ankle monitoring devices. They were suspended from school for 10 days before they were allowed to begin homebound education.
The school’s online handbook lays out homebound education rules. Students are not allowed to work or go to any school functions, including athletic events. They are only allowed to leave home for doctor’s appointments. It’s typically used for students who have long-term health issues. School Board lawyer Chuck Cagle said additional guidelines were added by Kinsey and the judge in the case, but he did not elaborate on those conditions.
The handbook also lays out allegations of attempted rape as a level five offense. That’s the highest level, meaning any offense in that category is grounds for expulsion.
Sheriff Clint Shrum has made the charges clear. “The Sheriff’s Office is not classifying this as hazing. It is an attempted aggravated rape. We want to be clear on that. That is our standpoint on how we are treating this.”