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Students Shine at Countywide Spelling Bee

Posted on Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 10:37 am

The 33rd Annual Grundy County Spelling Bee was held Friday, at Palmer Elementary School. Participating students had spent months preparing for the bee and placed in their respective school bees.

The following awards were presented:

The David Patton Spelling Bee Award recognized the winner of the competition, Braden McBee of Swiss Memorial Elementary School. The same award also recognized first runner up MacKenzie Reeves (Palmer elementary School); second runner up Ethan Meeks (SMES); and third runner up Savannah Haynes (North elementary School). Patton started the awards program at the Grundy County Spelling Bee.

Patton sponsored the 11th Annual Louise Geary Layne Courtesy Award, which he started in 2007. The award recognizes Louise Geary Layne of Palmer. Her courtesy and compassion were an inspiration to all who knew her. Ethan Meeks (SMES) won this award at last week’s bee.

In 2008, Patton added the Mr. Y.B Ashby Teamwork Award. This award is in recognition of a student’s ability to work with others toward a common goal. The purpose of this award is to promote cooperation and teamwork among the participants in the Grundy County Spelling Bee. This yeear’s winner was Javon Liles (Tracy City Elementary School).

Patton sponsored the 6th Annual Faithful Attendance Award, won by Zac Campbell (Pelham Elementary School).  This award was created with the express purpose of promoting faithful school attendance among the participants of the spelling bee. To be eligible for this award, you must be a contestant in the county spelling bee, not have any tardies or early checkouts, and not missed any days up to a predetermined date set by the committee.

This is the seventh year the Spelling Bee winner will receive a monetary award presented by Tressie Jo Kennedy, in memory of her daughter, Shannon Brown. The winner of this award was Braden McBee. And, this is the third year Haskel Meadows has provided awards for the spelling bee. Meadows presented awards to Braden McBee, MacKenzie Reeves, and Ethan Meeks.  

The winners of the bee will advance to the 2017 Chattanooga Regional Spelling Bee, March 11, at the UTC Fine Arts Center.