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Posted on Friday, December 2, 2016 at 4:36 pm


The door at the Monteagle VFW being padlocked.

The State of Tennessee VFW has received complaints about the Monteagle VFW and in a meeting on-site at the Monteagle VFW this afternoon it was determined that the local chapter’s charter would be pulled. It is now under trusteeship (with the state office) and anyone who enters the building must have a representative from the state office with them.
Among the complaints was the fact that the Monteagle chapter had not paid taxes in five years. Also, says Grundy County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Tony Bean, the chapter is  required to have a board of 10, the Monteagle chapter had only 3 on their board. And, the Commander of the local chapter, Billy Sam Taylor, was not supposed to be handling money and the state received reports that he was.
Recognizing that rules and regulations were not being followed, the state office, including the State Commander, felt the image of the VFW was being tarnished and instigated the meeting that resulted in the doors being padlocked.
The Monteagle VFW is one of several that the state has recently investigated and closed.