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State Archery Tournament Dream Come True For Mountain Archery

Posted on Monday, August 1, 2016 at 9:36 am

Archery 1Seven years ago, Jason Tate had a dream. He envisioned holding an archery event with participants coming from far and wide to compete for high stakes rewards. It was a tough road for a few years, but a couple of years ago a trio of friends came on board to help him fulfill his dream. This past Saturday and Sunday, that dream became a reality as Mountain Archery hosted the Archery Shooters Association’s (ASA) state championship.

Matt Meeks, Robbie Rollins, and Carter Underhill, along with Tate, are the owners of Mountain Archery. These four men, with the help of friends and local sportsmen, were able to host an event that challenged state records for the number of participants.  Competitors came from North Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, and Alabama, as well as Tennessee. It estimated the number of shooters was between 270 and 280.

IMG_1544There are several people and sponsors that Tate and his partners would like to thank. First, they want to thank James David Oliver for the use of the land to hold an event of this magnitude. Other sponsors included Manchester Outdoors, Taylor’s Archery, and Big Daddy’s Outdoors. Volunteers that helped make this event possible for the local group included Carol, Matthew, and Kyle Underhill; Jesse, Jennifer, and Colton Meeks; Junior and Vicki Meeks; Brandon Gunn; and Cole Johnson.

A couple of state directors noted that the event was a huge success and felt it provided a central location for all competitors.

Once again, it was a very successful event and a dream come true for a local outdoorsman and his fellow sportsmen.