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SRO Loses Access to School Security Cameras

Posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2017 at 10:36 am

Grundy County High School’s school resource officer has lost access to security cameras at the site. According to Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum, the SRO realized he no longer had access to the security cameras when he entered his office on Friday, and discovered that his surveillance monitors were gone. He later determined they had been moved to the principal’s office.
Shrum says the monitors have since been returned to the SRO’s office, but video from the cameras is only available to the SRO with permission.
The video feed from school security cameras is currently being used to determine who vandalized Grundy County School Board member Chris Groom’s vehicle during last week’s school board meeting.
According to Director of Schools Jessie Kinsey, in a statement released from her office:
“The law outlines distinct differences between school system responsibilities and those of law enforcement. The SRO is an employee of the Sheriff’s office, and not an employee of the school system. Therefore, the SRO’s access to the camera monitors is set to view only.
The principals of each school are the only school employees who have full access to the camera system. If the SRO needs to review the video, he will need to get permission from the principal to do so. With regards to accessing the camera system from off campus, the school board attorney advised that only the principals needed remote access to the school camera system.
All of the cameras are still in place. The school was simply relocating the camera monitors to the principal’s office. The principal and I planned to meet with the sheriff next week to discuss more specific reasons for changing the SRO’s access to the camera system, but he has declined saying he will be out of town. Out of professional courtesy to the Sheriff, I would like to discuss with him these reasons before disclosing to the media.”
Shrum says he never declined to meet with Kinsey.
“I haven’t declined. In fact, the meeting is scheduled for November 28. Kinsey confirmed that was a good date in a text.”