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Sports Hall Of Fame To Induct Raymond Hargis

Posted on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 at 10:20 am

Ed. note: Raymond Hargis will be inducted into the GCHS Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2016. Interviewed by his son, Jody Hargis, he had the following comments on this honor.

“I am very grateful to be included in the GCHS Sports Hall of Fame. It is indeed an honor to be listed among the athletes who have been recognized for their accomplishments in GCHS sports programs.

Raymond Hargis“I was born in the Mt. Vernon area of Gruetli in February, 1928, and shortly after we moved to Old Hickory (right out of Nashville) when my daddy had a job with the Dupont Company. At age six, I enrolled in Dupont Elementary School and completed the eighth grade in 1942. In the fall of 1942, I enrolled as a freshman at Dupont High School.

“In February, 1943, my daddy left his Dupont job and we moved back to Gruetli to a small farm we owned near where I was born. When I told the Dupont principal we were moving, he gave me my permanent record and said to give it to the GCHS principal when I enrolled there. Then he said the GCHS principal is John Anderson, ‘a good man and a good principal, and you will enjoy going to school under him.’ That certainly proved to be true.

“From day one the students were very friendly to me – nodding and speaking in the hall at lunch and at other breaks. The teachers were very helpful in fitting me into their classes. Varsity athletics were over for the year. The Dupont company sponsored great baseball and basketball programs for the summer, and I played a lot in both. The only football games were pickup games among neighborhoods. But, I enjoyed sports.

“My daddy was not a football fan and would not allow me to play because of the chance of serious injury. Mr. Anderson, when I asked, did allow me to be a football ‘manager’ so I could be a part of the team. I played basketball all three years and was named captain.

“In my senior year, I asked my daddy to let me play football since it was my last year. He told me ‘to go ahead’ if I wanted to. I made the team as starting center and played in every game. I enjoyed playing center because I snapped the ball on every play of our single wing offense and played linebacker on defense.

“GCHS gave me the chance to do the best I could in academics and athletics. It was a great time. Let my good friend, classmate, and teammate Buck Sanders describe our high school days: ‘I really enjoyed going to high school.’”

On a personal note, I would like to add, as my father, Raymond Hargis has been the ultimate role model for me, as well as for my sister. He always has been an inspiration and gave us all the opportunities we ever could want or need. His tenure as a principal, teacher, and coach in the Grundy County School system, along with his 10 years as the County Court Clerk and 13 years as Superintendent of Schools, stands out among his accomplishments.

I want to extend my congratulations to my father, Raymond Hargis on your selection to the 2016 GCHS Sports Hall of Fame.