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Sinkhole Opens in Monteagle

Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 at 11:33 am

What is being called a sinkhole by town officials opened on Laurel Lake Drive on Sunday. The road was closed to traffic to keep vehicles from driving into the hole and for repairs to be made.
Monteagle Mayor David Sampley said Monday the town was working to put gravel on property owned by James David Oliver to make a temporary road. This road can be used until the sinkhole is repaired.
“We do not have a completion date,” said Sampley on Monday. “The equipment owned by Monteagle will not reach down far enough to make repairs. We will have to rent machinery or call in someone to help.
“James David really came through for us,” explained Sampley. “He has been so nice to let us use his property to make a through road until the sinkhole is repaired.”
The through road can be accessed from Wells Road.
Sampley said the town was looking at several days until repairs are completed.

Monteagle resident Will Melnyk is pictured behind the sinkhole on Laurel Lake Drive.