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Sheriff’s Summary

Posted on Wednesday, January 7, 2015 at 10:45 am



clint shrum

The old adage that often comes with the New Year is “out with the old and in with the new” and there is certainly some new that is coming along with 2015 and the Sheriff’s Office. This year is sure to be one of change, challenge, and choice but I believe we have the staff to meet the tasks at hand.

In the corrections side of the house, our first class of participants in the the Middle TN Rural Reentry Program will be graduating this month. Additionally, we have received word the program has been extended through June. Clint ShrumThe MTRR Staff is doing an incredible job and we are thankful to have them and the program. There are also a number of churches who are visiting with us through week and this makes a huge difference in the attitudes of inmates. We are still in desperate need of a ministerial building. If anyone would like to donate or discuss donating this much needed building please contact the Sheriff or Captain David Lance.

On the patrol side, deputies are still investigating a fraud case in which the suspect, Randy L. Davis, from Cannon County originally went door to door asking for donations to help his alleged sick daughter. Deputies became increasingly suspicious when residents began reporting Davis’s story was changing from home to home. Davis also misrepresented his solicitation by telling residents he was doing so with the approval of the Sheriff’s Office and the Monteagle Police Department. Davis was subsequently interviewed and arrested by Sergeant Greg Higgins and charged with fraud. Anyone who may have given Davis money should contact Sgt. Higgins at 931-692-3466. This is a very large case so please give him time to respond if you a message.

Finally, on the admin side, we have submitted the required staff survey assessment to the University of Tennessee and County Technical Assistance Service to see what the recommend staffing needs will be for the new jail. We have also petitioned the Department of Corrections for a reimbursement of $51,916.00 for medical bills acquired from inmates who were serving state time and housed at the jail, or those who were being held for violation of state probation and were not currently sentenced. While there is no guarantee we will be reimbursed the entire amount we do expect to recover some of it.

Keep us in your prayers and remember, blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord (Psalm 33:12). Let’s be blessed.