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Sheriff’s Summary

Posted on Monday, March 2, 2020 at 1:37 pm

Clint Shrum
For the past five years, the Sheriff’s Office has been committed to giving the county a report card of activity for the end of the year. We know it is important that you understand how crime is impacting your community.
The 2019 information has been gathered.
This report covers the categories of drugs, theft/burglary, and assault. These are the top three for 2019 in that order. Last year the report indicated that theft, assault and drugs were the top three in that order. These numbers are a comparison of the 2018 and 2019 year.
• 46 percent increase in drug paraphernalia arrests and incidents
• 33 percent increase in drug arrests and incidents
• 4.10 percent decrease in simple assault
• 12.12 percent decrease in aggravated assault
• 3.33 percent increase in the number of reported domestic assault incidents
• 3.93 percent decrease in the number of thefts
• 16 percent increase in child rape cases reported
• 400 percent increase in the number of child sexual battery cases reported
• 57 percent increase in child abuse/neglect cases
• No change in the number of burglaries reported
• Three (3) traffic fatalities
One of our focus areas for 2020 is decreasing the number of crimes against children. The increase in child rape, abuse, and battery cases in unacceptable and must be addressed by both law enforcement, social services, and the community.