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Sheriff: DOS has not complied with records request

Posted on Friday, December 1, 2017 at 10:23 am

Documents concerning sexual assault at Grundy County High School have not been turned over by the 30 day deadline, according to Sheriff Clint Shrum.
Shrum requested the documents after five GCHS football players were arrested for attempted aggravated rape in October. Shrum subpoenaed Kinsey for the records, to which she had 30 days to respond. He was supposed to meet with her Monday, but the meeting never happened.
A meeting was scheduled for Tuesday morning at 10 a.m., but Kinsey’s attorney was unable to be at that meeting. According to the sheriff, they will still meet on Tuesday, but he does not know what time.
In a conversation with Kinsey on Monday, Shrum says Kinsey reported she had no documents on past hazing at the school that she could share because of confidentiality rules. He told News Channel 9 he would “discuss with Kinsey’s attorney what the Sheriff’s Department needs as opposed to what the system can legally give.”
Kinsey, in a statement, said:
“All of the incidents that should have been reported to the sheriff’s office were reported to the sheriff’s office when they occurred.
“Our search yielded nothing that hadn’t already been reported to his office.
“The sheriff will have to explain any actions he did or did not take in regards to those reports.
“Based on the advice of counsel, we will not have further comment.”
Shrum told the Herald at press time that his department would take her statement and proceed from there.