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School Board Member Kasey Anderson Arrested

Posted on Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 11:56 am

UPDATED 6-29-17


Grundy County Herald has received the arrest report filed by arresting deputy Josh King. It reads:

“On 06-27-2017 myself and Deputy T.J. Bean were dispatched to a domestic situation at 1687 S.R. 50 in Pelham. Upon arrival, Deputy Bean saw a female from S.R. 50, bent down in the front yard. When we pulled in the driveway I noticed the female subject was urinating in view of the State Highway and the public. When asked what she was doing she yelled, “I’m peeing!” The female then pulled up her pants and underwear and walked to us, she was very unsteady on her feet. There was a strong odor of alcohol on her person.

“The female was very loud and told us we better leave unless we had a warrant. I noticed all the windows had been busted out of a Jeep Wrangler sitting in front of the house. I asked the female what was going on and she advised “nothing and unless you have a warrant leave.”

“I advised the female that we had been called to the residence on a reported domestic and would have to find out what was going on. The female became irate and refused to talk about the situation and said she was going to call her lawyer. The female took off at a jog for the front door of the residence. I told the female several times “ma’am, stop we have to talk to you.” The female refused to stop and I had to restrain her at the front steps.

“The female tried several times to pull away from me and was handcuffed by Deputy Bean. The female yelled over and over to the two children standing on the front steps “don’t talk to them! Don’t tell them anything!” The female was placed in Deputy Bean’s patrol car because she was being very loud and uncooperative.

“I then spoke with the children and they told me the female’s name was Casey Anderson. The children told me that Mrs. Anderson and her husband, Tony Anderson, had been in a fight and he left in a Dodge truck spinning through the yard. There were fresh spin marks in the front yard.

“Mrs. Anderson’s mother was called by the children to come to the residence so the children wouldn’t be left alone.

“Deputy Bean then call the complainant, Mr. Anderson, and he admitted to calling 911 and having a verbal altercation with Mrs. Anderson. Mr. Anderson had been drinking as well and was given SSFT’s by Deputy Bean. Mr. Anderson was not arrested because Deputy Bean did not feel he was intoxicated to the point to be charged with DUI.

“Mr., Anderson told us Mrs. Anderson busted the windows out of his Jeep after he left the residence. Mr. Anderson advised there was no physical contact between him and Mrs. Anderson. Mrs. Anderson was arrested and transported to the Grundy Co. Jail and book on listed charges.”


Kasey Kilgore Anderson was arrested early Tuesday morning, at her home in Pelham. The Grundy County School Board member was charged with resisting arrest, coercion of a witness, public intoxication, indecent exposure, and false reports/statements. 

According to Sheriff Clint Shrum, a 911 call from an unknown male was received Tuesday morning. Officers pinged the cell phone, which led them to Anderson’s home. There was a confrontation outside the home between Anderson and deputies.

Chief Deputy Tony Bean provided the following statement to the Grundy County Herald:

“On June 27, 2017, at 2:57 a.m., an unknown male caller called 911 dispatch and reported a domestic situation. The call was lost and dispatch pinged the phone because the caller once called back would not give his name and address.

“Upon pinging the phone, an address was obtained. Deputies responded to the residence in Pelham, and found evidence of a domestic situation that had occurred and encountered a female subject who became uncooperative. She was subsequently arrested for resisting arrest, public intoxication, indecent exposure, false reports, disorderly conduct, and coercion of a witness. She was transported to the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office.”

What is Anderson’s position as a school board member after her arrest?

According to Tennessee School Boards Association Assistant Director of Policy Services and staff attorney Jennifer White, Anderson’s arrest is not automatically grounds for removal from the board as she has been arrested but not convicted.

“For a board member to potentially be removed in a situation like this, the District Attorney would need to bring an action,” explains White. “TCA 8-47-101 does state that public intoxication is a potential reason for removal.”

The policy reads:

Every person holding any office of trust or profit, under and by virtue of any of the laws of the state, either state, county, or municipal, except such officers…in any public place be in a state of intoxication produced by strong drink voluntarily taken…shall be ousted from such office in the manner hereinafter provided.

“This statute, however, gives the district attorney the power to institute proceedings,” said White. “It is not automatic and not an action the board could take on its own.”

Under the advice of their lawyer, Chuck Cagle,  the Grundy County School Board had no comment on Anderson’s arrest.

At press time, Anderson had made bond but remained under arrest at the Grundy County Jail on an eight-hour hold for public intoxication.

Last week, Anderson was named as the defendant in a defamation suit filed against her for Facebook posts made the Grundy County Advisory Committee Facebook Page.