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School Board Addresses Bible Study

Posted on Tuesday, April 14, 2015 at 3:27 pm

Tim Spicer, chairman of the Grundy County Board of Education, made the following comments concerning Bible study in county schools:


The Board of Education has been working diligently to find a constitutionally acceptable way of keeping the Bible in our schools, and we did not have the opportunity to share our work with you at our Board meeting on April 9.

Our School Board attorney explained on April 6 that there is a place for the Bible in the Grundy County Schools. In fact, at his suggestion, we have been exploring the adoption of a Bible curriculum in the Grundy County Schools. Hamilton County Schools, for instance, have been teaching the Bible in their school curriculum since the 1920’s. Whenever the Freedom from Religion Foundation or the American Civil Liberties Union has challenged these Bible courses, the Hamilton County School System has been successful in defending them.schoolboard

If the curriculum is adopted, Board policy allows for student clubs that are directly related to an academic subject. If a student decides to create a Bible club, that club would be entitled to meet before or after school, or in a non-instructional setting during the day. If that club decides to invite Mr. Turner as a guest speaker, it would be able to do so.

While we can no longer hold these assemblies the way we once did, the options we are exploring would give students more time to study the Bible daily in a curriculum that would offer them course credit.

The Board of Education greatly appreciates this County’s support, and we ask that you stand ready to help us build upon this program for the Grundy County Schools.