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Test Pushdown

Run, Grundy, Run!

Posted on Friday, September 29, 2017 at 10:10 am

Rain and heat did not get in the way of GCXC at their last two meets. The Yellow Jackets traveled to Coffee County where they competed against Coffee, Franklin, Moore, and Warren counties, Saint Andrews, and Tullahoma.
In the girls’ race, GCXC had three medalists: Makayla Kirby who finished 5th with a time of 24:50; Jadan Campbell who finished 6th with a time of 26:03; and Sarah Barrett who finished 11th with a time of 27:49. Kennedy Brady (29:52), Luisa Holzapfel (30:44), and Emily Stiefel (32:35) had strong finishes giving the GCXC girls’ team a second place finish just behind Coffee County.
By the time the boys’ race started, a light mist was falling, but Leo Penne was unstoppable once again. He crossed the uphill finish line with a time of 17:47, just ahead of Warren County. Chris Nance also secured a medal finishing 14th with a time of 20:31. Rounding out the top five finishers for the GCXC boys were Jaron Meeks (22:09), Sebastian Ledford (22:41), and Quaid Anderson (22:48). Remaining boys’ times for GCXC were Jordan Harris (23:30), Kase Johnson (23:23), Harley King (23:35), Tyler Shrum (23:41), Zach Ledford (23:42), Caleb Grimes (24:01), Lee Evans (24:39), Zac Campbell (25:41), Elijah Campbell (26:09), Ryan Shrum (27:31), Jayden Shrum (28:32), and McKenzie Dickerson (30:09). These times gave the GCXC boys a fifth place finish.
On Friday, September 22, the Yellow Jackets traveled to Saint Andrews to run the 3.1 mile race in 90 degree heat! Switching it up a little, the boys from Grundy County, Franklin County, Saint Andrews, Lincoln County, Boyd, and a single runner from Warren County ran first. Once again the toughest race was between Grundy and Warren; this time, however, Leo Penne stretched out his lead and set a new personal record of 17:26! Other GCXC boys in medalist positions were Chris Nance who finished 7th with a time of 20:11 and Jaron Meeks who finished 15th with a time of 22:04. The remaining GCXC boys’ finishing times were Sebastian Ledford (22:05), Tyler Shrum (22:47), Joey Maslanik (22:54), Quaid Anderson (23:09), Lee Evans (23:21), Caleb Grimes (23:41), Kase Johnson (23:42), Jordan Harris (24:44), Zach Ledford (25:07), Elijah Campbell (25:16), Zac Campbell (26:56), Harley King (27:31), Ryan Shrum (27:54), Jayden Shrum (28:04), and McKenzie Dickerson (30:12). On the boys’ team, Penne, Nance, Meeks, S. Ledford, T. Shrum, Grimes, Evans, E. Campbell, and J. Shrum all improved their race times in just 10 days. The boys had their best team score this season with a total of 60.
After the boys’ race was won by a GCXC member, Jadan Campbell decided a clean sweep was in order and smoked her competitors with first place finishing time of 24:18. The remaining GCXC girls showed off as well with Makayla Kirby finishing 5th (26:30), Sarah Barrett finishing 6th (26:52), Kennedy Brady finishing 7th (28:13), Emily Stiefel finishing 14th (30:20), and Luisa Holzapfel finishing 15th (30:22). Campbell, Barrett, Brady, Holzapfel, and Stiefel all improved their race times in just 10 days as well! The girls’ team just keeps getting better as proven in this race with all six of them finishing in medalist positions! The girls’ team score was their best of the season as well, a total of 33!
GCXC has no races this week but will complete their regular season with two final meets next week: October 3 at Webb and October 5 at GCHS. Everyone is invited to attend the home meet on October 5 at 4:00 PM. NO HALF-TIMES! NO SUBSTITUTIONS! NO TIME-OUTS! GO RUN!