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Ruehling Shines in Hollywood

Posted on Wednesday, August 29, 2018 at 11:07 am

Mae Beth Ruehling suffered series injuries last December, when her vehicle was hit by a drunk driver in Coalmont. Since the accident, she has made a remarkable recovery and become active in the “Rollettes” wheelchair dance team. Ruehling recently travelled to Hollywood, California, with other “Rollettes” dance team members. Below, she shares her experience.
“Before my injury in a car wreck, I had dreams to maybe travel one day; to ride on a plane, to see Los Angeles and Hollywood,” says Ruehling.
“I never thought it was possible to do all the things in a wheelchair. Thanks to my family for helping me out, we all made it happen. Two weeks after being injured, I started to get on social media to read about other people who had spinal cord injuries. I ran across Chelsie Hill, who, when she was 17, was involved in a drunk driving accident. It left her with a damaged spinal cord like me, and she was unable to walk. Chelsie wanted to meet other differently abled women like her. That’s when she launched the “Rollettes,” a wheelchair dance team. The “Rollettes” experience I went to had over 100 women from all over the world (over 10 countries) in wheelchairs.
“It wasn’t all about dance. It was meeting other women in wheelchairs, to bond, and realized I’m not alone. I met a lot of incredible people, and that has boosted my confidence and given me more information about my injury.
“Being in a wheelchair would never have crossed my mind. It is a headache for the most part. But I haven’t let it stop me, I’ve always pushed through and here I am!”