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Rock thrown from overpass; driver injured

Posted on Thursday, December 13, 2018 at 9:15 am

This photo shows where the rock made contact with the truck’s windshield.


At approximately 8:40 p.m., on December 12, a rock was thrown off the Trussell Road overpass in Monteagle, seriously injuring the driver of a truck.

Deputies who arrived on the scene called in Monteagle Police Chief Virgil McNeece who, along with a CID investigative officer from the Tennessee Highway Patrol, collected evidence and found footprints at the overpass and developed a lead in the case.

McNeece says they first interviewed a juvenile and were able to match his boots to one of the footprints found at the scene. The juvenile admitted to being at the overpass when the incident occurred, but placed the blame for throwing the rock on Phillip Thrasher, 20.

McNeece was able to interview Thrasher at his home and also match his shoes to a second footprint found at the scene. Thrasher, says McNeece, placed the blame for throwing the rock on the juvenile.

Both Thrasher and the juvenile were arrested and charged with reckless endangerment. According to McNeece, the District Attorney is considering bumping up the charges to include aggravated assault with a weapon. Thrasher is being held in the Marion County Jail and the juvenile is at a juvenile detention center.

“We had both individuals in custody within three hours of the incident,” said McNeece.

The driver of the truck was not killed, but she was seriously injured.

The rock thrown ooff the overpass.

“If the rock had been thrown just two seconds earlier,” explained McNeece, “the driver would have been struck in the face with the rock and be dead.”

After being struck by the rock, the driver was able to maneuver her vehicle to the side of the road.