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Republicans To Hold Primary

Posted on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 at 1:10 pm

The Grundy County Republican Party Executive Committee has unanimously voted to hold a Republican Primary for the upcoming May 6, 2014 county elections. This will be the first call for a Republican Primary in recent history. This also means that when candidates for county offices, including county commission, go to the election office, they can now pull Republican papers instead of just Democrat papers as has been the practice in the past. Winners in the Republican Primary will face the winners in the Democrat Primary on August 7, 2014.

“Due to the increasing numbers of Republican voters in Grundy County, the Executive Committee felt that it was time to present a more accessible two-party system in Grundy County, where conservative candidates from all areas of the county can participate,” stated Wayne Harris, Chairman. “We have a lot on our plate this coming year and foreseeable future in Grundy County, so we want to make sure everyone who has the gumption to make a difference and start working for solutions will get a seat at the table,” said Harris, who is also the first elected Republican for local office in Grundy County.

Vice Chairman Maria Dove Stiefel, who was in charge of bringing the pros and cons of each primary system to the Executive Committee, was pleased with the vote. “I have long believed that in order to have a stronger and more efficient government in Grundy County, we need the system of checks and balances that a two-party system provides. By holding a primary instead of a caucus, we will effectively start that process here in Grundy County. It is definitely time for us to hold everyone accountable, especially now with the 19.5% property tax increase and more taxes on the horizon.”

Traditionally, the Grundy County Republican Party has held a Caucus, which is a meeting of party members where delegates are selected following a discussion of the candidates. Delegates selected in caucuses then act the same as ones selected through primaries that then go on to the general election in August.

Since 2008, Grundy County has voted Republican in each major election, including President, U.S. Senator, U.S. Congressman and Governor. In 2012, Grundy County elected their first Republican state senator, Janice Bowling.