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Nov. 4 Unofficial Local and State Election Results

Posted on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 8:44 am

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 (Scroll down for state results)


In Grundy County, 2584 voters cast their ballots in the General Election on November 4. The unofficial election results below include early and absentee votes.



Bill Haslam (R) received 1555 votes; Charles V. “Charlie” Brown (D) received 645 votes; Shaun Crowell (C) received 60 votes; Isa Infante (G) received 27 votes; Steven Damon Coburn (I) received 13 votes; John Jay Hooker (I) received 68 votes; and Daniel T. Lewis (I) received 29 votes.


United States Senate:

Lamar Alexander (R) received 1371 votes; Gordon Ball (D) received 817 votes; Joe Wilmoth (C) received 84 votes; Martin Pleasant (G) received 23 votes; Tom Emerson, Jr. (I) received 23 votes; Edmund L. Gauthier (I) received 6 votes; Joshua James (I) received 8 votes; Danny Page (I) received 18 votes; Bartholomew J. Phillips (I) received 4 votes; C. Salekin (I) received 0 votes; Eric Schechter (I) received 3 votes; and Rick Tyler (I) received 18 votes.


United States House of Representatives – 4th Congressional District:

Scott DesJarlais (R) received 1324 votes; Lenda Sherrell (D) received 1016 votes; and Robert Rankin Doggart (I) received 106 votes.


Tennessee House of Representatives – 43rd Representative District:

Robert R. Dunham (R) received 1160 votes; Kevin Dunlap (D) received 1184 votes; and Edward Leon Buck (I) received 73 votes.


Constitutional Amendment #1:

Yes 1529

No 871


Constitutional Amendment #2:

Yes 1248

No 1135


Constitutional Amendment #3:

Yes 1620

No 711


Constitutional Amendment #4:

Yes 1552

No 709


City of Coalmont:

Mayor: Aron May received 56 votes and Preston Miller received 98 votes.

Alderman: Mike Yates received 134 votes.


Town of Monteagle:



Delores J. Knott received 151 votes; Russell L. Leonard received 138 votes; and Harry L. Parmley received 129 votes.


Wine at Retail Food Stores Referendum:

For 207

Against 104


Town of Palmer:


Daniel T. Crabtree received 95 votes.


Sue A. Long received 91 votes.


City of Tracy City:


Larry Phipps received 215 votes.


Betty J. Cyr received 152 votes; Nadene Fultz-Moore received 187 votes; and Bill G. Roddy received 151votes.


Consumption on the Premises:

For 142

Against 147


Town of Altamont:


Jana Barrett received 129 votes; Ronnie Spiderman Bryant, Sr. received 46 votes; and Marcus Smartt received 74 votes.


Jody A. Campbell received 142 votes; Lequita Chapman received 53 votes; John A. Dickerson received 150 votes; De Etta N. Rather received 75 votes; Penny L. Sons received 160 votes; Jimmy Walker received 146 votes; and Cyndi Whitman received 130 votes.


State Results


Bill Haslam 951,215

Charles Brown 308,803


U.S. Senate:

Lamar Alexander 849,629

Gordon Ball 437,251


U.S. House District 4:

Scott DeJarlais 84,781

Lenda Sherrell 51,338


State House District 43

Kevin Dunlap 6558

Robert Dunham 6503


Amendment 1 Abortion Regulation:

Yes 728,751

No 656,427


Amendment 2 Judicial Selection:

Yes 831,549

No 533,522


Amendment 3 Income Tax Bans:

Yes 882,259

No 450,066


Amendment 4 Lottery – Veterans:

Yes 902,673

No 394,317