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Northcutt Cove Substation Evicted

Posted on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 at 10:02 am

Last year, the residents Altamont were faced with the possible closing of the Altamont Fire Department’s substation on Northcutt Cove Road. After negotiating with the property owner, the City of Altamont was able to redo the lease and the substation remained.

However, that was last year. Two weeks ago, an eviction notice welcomed firefighters returning the substation’s pump truck to the site. The property owner had filed an order to evict with the sheriff’s department for breach of contract and posted the order at the substation.

Russell Mainord, counsel for the City of Altamont, says the contract states a pump truck must remain at the substation at all times, except when on calls or out for repairs.

“The truck was at North Elementary School on October 8, for the school’s Fire Safety Awareness program,” says Mainord. “It needed routine maintenance and would be used for training the following week. The truck was left at the Altamont City Hall so the work could be done and it could be used for that training.

“On October 13, the truck was returned to the substation, and that’s when the firefighters discovered the eviction notice.”

The Altamont City Council and area residents have expressed concern over the eviction. They want to keep the substation at its current location to protect the outlying areas of the community. Northcutt Cove is not within the Altamont city limits, but is serviced by the city’s fire department.

Mainord is advising the city council on what actions they can take, and says nothing can be done until the city council meets on November 3. The public is encouraged to attend the meeting.