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No Ordinary Pet

Posted on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 at 9:55 am


Not an ordinary pet!

Vanessa Stinnnett, the great granddaughter of former Grundy County resident Mary Stinnett who now lives in Newburgh, Indiana, is pictured holding her pet golden palomino rabbit, Cookie. The rabbit was a birthday present for Vanessa in 2013 and has since become part of the family. Cookie has a gourmet diet of fresh lettuce, carrots, apple peelings, peanuts, fruit, spinach and oranges. During a sleepover, where Cookie was the center of attention wearing his zebra-striped jacket with a neon green star, he escaped from his cage when it wasn’t closed properly. The search the next day for Cookie included over 25 signs being posted around the neighborhood for the safe return of Cookie. After three long days of searching, Cookie was found safe and secure on a neighbors’ porch nestled behind a flowerpot and rejoined the Stinnett family who cannot imagine life without him. Before moving to Indiana, Vanessa attended Palmer Elementary School. Her great grandmother Mary Stinnett was born and raised in Palmer and is a 1954 graduate of GCHS and her husband Bob Stinnett is a 1955 GCHS graduate.