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Neighbor Of The Week Claude Hoback

Posted on Monday, November 17, 2014 at 9:13 am

NOW Claude Hoback

Claude Hoback is known by many as a businessman in the Tracy City area. He is also very involved with his church and the local community.

You currently live in Tracy City. Were you raised here?

“No, my parents, George and Ida Mae Hoback lived in Sewanee and I grew up there. I went to Sewanee Elementary and played basketball. I graduated from Franklin County High School in 1966. All during high school, I worked at Dutch Maid Bakery in Dechard. People may not remember it, but it was where the Kroger store stands now.”

What did you do when you graduated?

“I got married to Ruby Meeks. Then I went into the service – the Army – for two years. I was stationed in Germany. After I got out of the Army, we moved to Tracy City.

“I started a body and mechanic shop in Tracy and had that business for a few years. Then I went to work for Valmont Enterprises, a company that makes wooden pallets. After that, I sold insurance in Winchester. That was interesting. I went door to door and met a lot of people.”

“When I left the insurance job, I went to work in the coal mines for about one year with Tennessee Consolidated Coal Company. I finally started my construction company, Hoback Construction, after I left the mines.”

You currently have a storage business.

“I do. Hoback Storage. I retired from construction around 1998, but I had already opened the storage company. I started it in 1989.”

Throughout the years, you have helped Tracy City and your church with construction projects.

“We have done things in Tracy City to help the town improve. The church is an ongoing project.

“I was saved when I was 32 and have attended Plainview Community Church ever since. We have been restoring the community center for a while. There was originally a grade school on the site. Restoring it has taken time. The electrical alone took about five months. But, we are where we can use the building now while we do the last of the restoration.”

What do you do in your free time?

“Well, I am a Deacon in my church and a Sunday School teacher. One thing I really like to do is deliver food boxes and visit people. I love to ask and answer questions about the Bible. We also try to spend as much time with our grandchildren as we can.”

What has kept you in Grundy County?

“The people. People around here are friendly and willing to help whenever you need something. We moved off the mountain for a short time when I was selling insurance and lived where you don’t even know your neighbor.”

Claude and his wife Ruby have three children: Angela Meeks works for Columbia Health Care in Nashville, Brian Hoback works at Sequoyah Nuclear Plant for TVA, and Tammy Thomas works for Colonial Chemical in South Pittsburg. They are the proud grandparents of Madison Meeks, Tyler Hoback, and Cole Thomas.

This Saturday, November 15, the Plainview Community Center will have its monthly breakfast from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. All proceeds from the breakfast benefit the center.