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Mountain Valley League Volleyball Update

Posted on Thursday, March 24, 2016 at 11:32 am

The NES Lady Warriors hosted their second set of games on March 3, against SAS and MES. In the first game of the night, SAS defeated NES 25-23 and 26-24. For the second game, SAS defeated MES after a tri-match – 25-23, 20-25, and 16-14. In JV action, SAS defeated MES 15-8. In the last game of the night, MES defeated NES 25-13 and 25-20.

NES stats included Jadan Campbell with 4 aces and 1 dig; Alexis Cannon with 5 aces and 1 dig; Makayla McGee with 3 aces, 1 kill, and 1 block; Emily Hampton with 1 block; Courtney King with 2 aces; Allie Nunley with 2 aces and 1 dig; and Sophia Layne with 4 kills.

volleyballMEs stats included Hannah Gingrich with 7 aces and 12 kills; Megan Vinson with 8 aces; Aly Cummings with 12 aces; Emily Foshee with 2 aces; Alora Meeks with one ace; Mackenzie Rutherford with 1 ace, and Ella Masters with 1 ace.

NES and TCES traveled to Pelham Elementary School on March 8, for an exciting night of Mountain Valley Volleyball. The PES Lady Tigers and NES Lady Warriors started the action with NES making a comeback after losing the first set 26 – 24. NES took the second set with 25 – 17. The final set ended PES 12 and NES 15.

Madison Coulson, PES, brought home an astounding 14 aces. Other PES stats included Kaylei Edwards with 3 aces, Erica Clay with 2 aces, Destiny Stevens with 1 ace, and Makayla Meeks with 1 attack.

NES and TCES faced off next with two close sets. NES prevailed 2-0 (25 – 23 and 26 – 24). TES stats included Cassidy Cleek, Kennedy Warren, and Kaitlin Bush with 2 kills each. Bush also produced 1 ace.

Combined stats for NES included Jadan Campbell with 7 aces and 2 digs, Alexis Cannon with 8 aces and 2 digs, Makayla McGee with 10 aces and 1 block, Courtney King with 6 aces, Allie Nunley with 1 ace, and Sophie Layne with 1 block.

In the final match of the night, the PES defeated the TCES 2-0 (25 – 12, 25 – 13). Madison Coulson produced 8 aces. Other PES stats included Destiny Stevens with 4 aces, Kaylei Edwards with 3 aces, and Molly Brown with 2 aces. Erica Clay, Gari Harshman, and Tiffany Hodosi each produced 1 ace. Erica Clay produced 1 dig. Hodosi had 1 kill and numerous plays resulting in a point.

TCES stats included Cassidy Cleek with 3 kills, Wrylee Simmons with 1 kill, Kaitlin Bush with 1 kill, and Haylee Guyear with1 ace.

PES JV played two sets with the TCES JV, resulting in a tie of 1 – 1. PES took the first set with a score of 15 – 11. Set 2 scores were 15 – 12 with TCES the set. Stats for both sets for PES resulted in 7 aces for Heidi Buckner, 3 aces for Meeks, and 1 ace each for Kera Harris, Maddie Stubblefield, and Stevie King.

On March 14, NES and Palmer Elementary School traveled to Jasper Middle School to play volleyball.

The first match between PES and JMS ended with a JMS win of 25-14 and 25-21.

The next match, between PES and NES, ended with a NES win: set one – PES 13, NES 14; set 2 – PES 25, NES 23; set 3 – PES 8, NES 15. The final match, between NES and JMS, ended with a win for Jasper, set one – 25-23, and set 2 – 25-18.

NES coaches were very proud of the way their players played in their games against JMS and PES. In these two games, Jadan Campbell made 16 aces; Alexis Cannon made 5 aces; and MaKayla McGee made 7 aces, 1 kill, and 1 block. Emily Hampton made 1 kill, Courtney King made 2 aces, Allie Nunley made 9 aces and 2 kills, and Sophie Layne made 3 kills and 1 block.

PES had Sidnee Scissom with 6 aces against Jasper, Mackenzie Reeves with 3, and Delaney Anderson and Kaylee Szarek both with 1 ace each.

In the PES/NES game, Scissom had 3 aces and one kill, and Mackenzie Reeves had 3 aces and one kill. Delaney Anderson had one ace and Szarek had 3 aces.

JMs’s Katie Hood, Emily Hooten, and Kasia Price each had 7 aces and Hooten had 2 kills in the combined games.

On Tuesday, March 16, the MES volleyball team hosted JMS and Pelham Elementary School. MES won its match against Jasper in two games with 25-7 and 25-16. Alora Meeks had 12 aces. Hannah Gingrich had seven aces. Aly Cummings had three aces. Mackenzie Rutherford had two aces. Megan Vinson and Makayla Dykes each had one ace.

The MES varsity team beat Pelham in two games with 25-12 and 25-20. Megan Vinson had 11 aces. Cummings had seven aces. Gingrich had two aces, and Dykes had one ace.

In its game against JMS, the MES JV team lost 5-15. Shana Hill had two aces. The MES JV team beat PES 15-10. Ella Masters had two aces. Rutherford, Dykes; and Kara Nunley each had one ace.