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Mike Wolfe Picking in Tracy City

Posted on Friday, April 29, 2016 at 10:11 am

american pickerMike Wolfe of American Pickers was in Tracy City for a look around last Monday. Tracy City Police Chief Charlie Wilder was fortunate enough to meet Mike and got a chance to take a picture with him. “It was a lot of fun. Mike is a very genuine guy.” Mike was in town to see what treasures Tracy City had stored away. There was no word on whether or not he and Frank Fritz would be back to film an episode. “I asked Mike where Frank was and if they were coming back to film a show. He just grinned and said nothing. While I was talking to Mike, he took time to speak with some kids that spotted him as well, and even signed their hats and t-shirts for them. I enjoyed my visit with him. He is a real down-to-earth guy.”