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MES Accepting Donations

Posted on Friday, April 3, 2015 at 8:54 am

MES collection donations

Monteagle Elementary School believes in building character through real-life activities. Students are encouraged to display positive character traits both in and outside of school. MES teachers understand that good character will take our students even farther than a good education. ronald-mcdonald-house-12

The character trait for the month of April is “courage”. Students are learning about the many ways to show courage. Courage does not always mean being the strongest or toughest person. Bravery often requires someone to humble himself or herself and to put others’ needs before their own.

In honor of true courage, Monteagle Elementary School is hosting two important events in the month of April. The first event, cap day, will take place on Thursday, April 2. This event will raise money for a charity called Caps for Kids, an organization that donates autographed ball caps to children and adolescents undergoing treatment for cancer. The students at MES will be invited to wear a baseball cap and make a $1 donation to this charity.

Another important fundraiser for the month of April is “Share-A-Night.” This campaign will raise money for families who stay at the Ronald McDonald House. One $55 donation provides one family with one night’s stay. Families staying at the Ronald McDonald House are not typical individuals, but heroes willing to sacrifice anything to make sure their loved one is safe and sound. Donations to RMHC allow families to stay close to their loved ones during moments of uncertainty.

Monteagle Elementary School will be accepting donations in honor of this campaign for the entire month of April. No donation is too small. Students, parents, and community members are invited to take part in this amazing opportunity to help others.

A bin will be located MES to collect donations for the Ronald McDonald House. A wish list is provided below.



Single Serve Items: Crackers, Fruit Cups, Hot Chocolate, Chips, Oatmeal

Canned Meats and Soups

Boxed Potatoes and Pastas

Cake and Brownie Mix/ Frosting


Salad Dressing – Ranch

Spaghetti Sauce


BBQ Sauce

Other Items

Aluminum Foil                                                            Powdered Laundry Detergent

Dish Liquid and Dishwasher Tablets                          Sandwich/Quart/Gallon Bags

Garbage Bags (13 gallons)                                          Gift Cards

Hand Sanitizer                                                                        Deodorant

Lysol Wipes                                                                Razors

Paper Bowls and Plates (non-styrofoam)                   Shaving Cream

Paper Towels                                                               Feminine Hygiene Items

Phone Cards