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Meet Your Neighbor

Posted on Monday, August 4, 2014 at 9:06 am

Neighbor of the week - Micah SparacioMicah Sparacio may have lived in Grundy County for only five years, but he is making a huge impression. The owner of Tenacity Adventure Fitness, he is concerned with the health and well-being of people on the mountain. What brought Micah to Grundy County and where did his interest in fitness develop? We will let him tell you.
We are excited to be here at Tenacity. Let’s start with where you are from. “I was born in Maine, but moved to Grundy County from Philadelphia. I moved around quite a bit when I was growing up because my dad was a Methodist minister.”
How did you choose Grundy County? “I was in a PhD. Program for Philosophy in Philadelphia and I realized I wanted to take a different track. My wife, Stephanie, and I had just had our first child and wanted to move out of the city and raise our children in a different environment, a quitter place.
“I had developed an online business so I could move just about anywhere. We wanted a place to hike, affordable land, and we wanted to raise our own food. Looking online, we found Grundy County. One of the big attractions to the mountain was that there wasn’t a Walmart up here. When we visited we fell in love with the area and bought land in Tracy City where we built a home.”
Are you raising you own food? “Yes, we have cows and raise all of our own beef. We have chickens. We haven’t been too successful with vegetables yet, but there are great local farmer’s markets and the Cumberland Food Hub.”
Before we move on to discussing the gym, can you tell us about your children? “Yes, Eliot is now six, he is our oldest child. Mason is four. Eliot is in elementary school and Mason goes to preschool. They were part of the inspiration for Tenacity.”
How did the idea of Tenacity come together? “I was training in martial arts off the mountain and realized the commute, plus the time spent at the gym, was taking away huge chunks of time from my family. I also wanted my boys to have the opportunity to experience martial arts and other fitness training.
“Initially, I was going to only have a martial arts facility. But, the idea grew to include a lot more so I expanded. My brother, Matt, is a builder and he helped execute the complicated ideas that I came up with for the gym.
“I actually started thinking about the idea of opening a gym a year ago. The actual construction began in December. It has been a process – instead of concentrating on only martial arts, we offer it along with MMA, Parkour, American Ninja Warrior style courses, classes in yoga, dance, and self-defense, and we have a huge area just for children.”
Who is your target gym member? “Everybody, we offer something for the entire family. If you are a beginner, we have workouts designed for you. We have workouts designed for the advanced. And, we will have classes and seminars for everyone.
“I feel that health and fitness ties into your mental well- being. So, we want to involve everyone.”
Tenacity is a great addition to the mountain. Deciding to open a business here is a huge commitment. What are some of your favorite things about
Grundy County now that you have lived here for several years? “I love the parks and the lakes. The people are wonderful. My truck broke down one day and I sent a text to four or five people hoping they would respond. Everyone replied wanting to know how they could help. And, people who passed by stopped to help.”
Besides an adventure fitness center, have you seen any other needs in Grundy County? “I wish local people would be more committed to buying local food.”
Now, a fun question. What is on your iPod? “I have been listening to The XX. I really like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, and the Foo Fighters.”
We are happy Micah and his family decided to make the mountain their home. He says his philosophy is that he wants people to have fun while getting fit. You can certainly do both at Tenacity. Make plans to stop by, meet Micah and the great Tenacity crew, and take a tour of the fitness center.