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“Meet Your Neighbor” Daniel Crabtree

Posted on Wednesday, March 25, 2015 at 11:22 am

Daniel Crabtree, Mayor of Palmer, recently discussed his role in local politics and athletics with the Herald.

Daniel is a lifelong resident of Grundy County.

“I have always lived in Palmer. My parents are Karen Rogers Davis and the late Troy Crabtree. I have two younger brothers, DeRon and Brady Meeks.,” says Daniel.

“I am blessed to have been able to grow up with grandparents on both sides of my family, each of which have impacted my life tremendously.

“I attended Palmer Elementary and had some of the greatest teachers I could have ever asked for. Playing basketball at Palmer is among my greatest memories; we had a team that began playing early together and we won the championship in our eighth grade year.

“After Palmer I went to Grundy County High School where I graduated in 1999. During my years at GCHS I met and made many lifetime friends.”

NOW daniel crabtreeAfter high school, Daniel held several local jobs.

“I was able to work for myself for a period of time, and not long after that I went to work for the Grundy County Mayor’s office. At the time, “Boo” Bouldin was the County Mayor.

“I performed maintenance on county buildings, operated the County’s sewage treatment plant and maintained the 911 mapping database. Working for the County Mayor I was able to learn many aspects of local government and I was able to meet many people during this time. I currently work for Grundy County E911 and still maintain the mapping database.”

While working for the County Mayor, Daniel made the decision to run for the office of Mayor of Palmer.

“My mother can tell you some stories about how I would tell her when I was a child I wanted to be Palmer’s mayor. I grew up watching my Grandpa “Eyeballs” Rogers during his tenure as Grundy County Road Superintendent and I have always known that I wanted to serve the public in some capacity.

“I was successful in my bid for mayor and I currently still hold the position which I have held for 9 years. I was recently reelected to a four-year term. I am pleased with what we have been able to accomplish during this time and I must say I have had some great people to work with.”

In addition to serving as mayor, Daniel is a member of the county commission.

“I was recently elected to the office of Grundy County Commissioner for District 2. During our first meeting, my fellow commissioners elected me as Chairman and I must say it is an honor to serve in this capacity.

“We have faced some major issues during our short time in office and the new jail project is one of those. I feel like this group of commissioners are ‘on the same page’ when it comes to our county and I think we are going to be able to make great strides in making Grundy County even better than it is today.”

Many Herald readers will recognize Daniel as the coach for Palmer’s Big 8 basketball teams.

“In 2010 I began coaching Big 8 basketball at Palmer Elementary. I began coaching the boys only until this season, when I coached both the boys and girls teams.

“The time that I have spent coaching, I have learned many things about myself, kids, and life in general. I love coaching and I love being able to impact a players life. Coaching the kids, you make a bond with them and each one of them becomes like your own child. Every player has made a different impact on my life.”

As mayor, county commissior, and coach, Daniel finds it difficult to schedule free time.

“Sometimes it seems that I don’t have much time for my family, but I must say I have the greatest family and I truly believe that they understand my love for community involvement and they support me one hundred percent. I have to give tons of credit to Lisa, she puts up with a lot of traveling, meetings, and ball games.

“Lisa and I have been together for 13 years and she has truly brought me through some of the toughest times in my life. We have one child together, Kasadee Danielle. Kasadee is in the second grade at Palmer and she is a fourth generation student there. I have two step daughters, Brittany and Lorren, and one grandson Jayven.

“I grew up knowing that family is the most important thing a man can have and I can truly say that God has blessed me more than I could have ever imagined.

“During our free time, we love to spend time camping and being outdoors. We spend a lot of time at Fall Creek Falls State Park and we take pride in our local park systems. I believe the great outdoors is the best setting to spend time with your family and friends.”

Daniel is honored to Grundy County home.

“It is a fact that sometimes Grundy County gets a bad name, but I am proud to be able to say that I am a resident of this great county. Our county has some of the most beautiful places in the State and the people here are some of the best people you can find anywhere. When there is someone in need, Grundy County rallies together and we take care of each other. I am honored to be able to serve this county and the people here and I pray that in some way I can have a positive effect on the future of Grundy County for our children and future generations.”