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“Meet Your Neighbor” Chasity Melton

Posted on Wednesday, November 4, 2015 at 11:05 am

Chasity Melton is the coordinator for the Grundy Safe Communities Coalition. She works diligently to make Grundy County a safer community by educating residents on the consequences of using illegal substances.

“I am from Tracy City. I have lived there my whole life. My parents are Michael and the late Connie Melton. Tiffany Melton is my only sibling.

“I attended Tracy City Elementary School. I played basketball for the Lady Eagles, and I also played rec league softball during that time.”

After leaving TCES, Chasity excelled at Grundy County High School.

Chasity Melton“I attended Grundy County High School where I played softball for the Lady Jackets. I finished in the top ten percent of my class and was a member of several clubs such as Athletes Working for Jesus, Academic Honors Society, and Future Business Leaders of America.

“There are so many wonderful mentors in that school that it would be impossible to mention all of them that I am grateful for, but I will mention a few.

“Samantha Stevens, a role model both in the class room and in life, pushed me and my class mates to be better than we could imagine and never let us settle for less than we were capable of.

“Jessie Kinsey, the guidance counselor and my aunt, helped my classmates and me with college applications and college essays. She gives her all for the students at GCHS and I am so appreciative of her and the rest of the guidance office staff.

“It was in Shandah Brady’s personal finance class that I first felt a passion for business practices and it was because of that class that I sought a business degree in college.

“I obtained my Bachelors of Arts in Business Management with a minor in Economics from Maryville College in Maryville. I am currently working on my MBA at Trevecca Nazarene University.

“During my time at Maryville College, I was fortunate enough to obtain a community based scholarship that required me to do 40 hours of community service in the Blount County community a month. I volunteered at several sites. Some of those included teaching GED classes at the Blount County Justice Center, mentoring and tutoring under privileged youth at the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center’s after school program, and at the Habitat for Humanity builds and in their ReStore.

“After I graduated from Maryville College, I came back to Grundy County and obtained my current job. My opportunities during my undergraduate work made me want to bring back that love for service to Grundy County.

“I am the Coordinator of the Grundy Safe Communities Coalition. We are your anti-drug coalition and do education in the community and work to prevent underage binge drinking, tobacco use, and prescription drug abuse.

“Some of the ways we do this is by providing drug-testing kits to parents to keep their children accountable for their actions. We have kits for all three substances mentioned.

“We also promote Count It, Lock It, Drop It, a campaign that asks you to count your medications once every two weeks, lock them up, and drop unwanted/expired medications off at one of the permanent boxes in the county. You can find those boxes at the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office, Tracy City Police Department, and Monteagle Police Department. Dropping off those medications keeps them out of the hands of our youth and out of the water supply.

“My favorite thing about my job is getting to make a difference in my own community. The youth that the coalition serves are the future of Grundy County and we understand the importance of educating them to make good, informed decisions pertaining to substance abuse.

Chasity is also involved in the community as a volunteer.

“I try to stay involved in my community by coaching youth in Jr. Pro basketball and helping other coaches with t-ball. I enjoy teaching young people how to dribble a ball or how to catch a fly ball. It takes me back to my younger years and makes me even more grateful for the people who stuck around to tell me over and over how to do something.

In her free time, Casity enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

“I enjoy shooting basketball with my friends, eating dinner with my family, and playing cards, mostly rook, with my friends and family. There is never a dull moment when I am surrounded by the people I love and I am a firm believer in living life to the fullest and making as many memories as possible with the people I love the most.”

Chasity says she is single and has not found Mr. Right yet.

“But, I am only 23, so there’s time!

“One thing that may surprise people about me is that I am very good at finding four leaf clovers, but I am not sure I believe in luck. I think that everything happens for a reason and luck does not have much to do with it. However, it does not hurt to wish someone luck.”

What’s on Chasity’s current music list?

“I like all kinds of music. I do not favor one genre over another, but at this time, I find myself in listening to three types of music. While studying, my Pandora radio is fixed on classical music radio. I find classical music puts me in the mood to study and I can power through some tough readings while listening to violins and pianos. However, when I am not studying, I find myself listening to Thomas Rhett’s new album “Tangled Up”. I probably should not mention that I have recently reached back into my preteen years and revived songs by the Back Street Boys and NSYNC, but hey, they are catchy and they make me happy!”