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Meet Your Neighbor

Posted on Monday, September 29, 2014 at 10:23 am

Neighbor of the week stacy williamsEach week we get many suggestions for the Herald’s “Meet your neighbor” column. Stacy Williams is by far one of the most requested local residents by our readers. It was great to sit down with him at Grundy County High School while he took a break from volunteering for the Lady Jackets Tip-Off Club.

Thank you for taking time to talk to us. We can start with your childhood. You are from Grundy County. What can you tell us about growing up?

“I was born in Tracy City and grew up in White City. I went to Shook School before it burned and then went to Tracy City Elementary. After that, I went to the old high Grundy County High School in Tracy City.

“I played baseball my freshman year, but my talent would prevent most people from remembering that.

“And, I was voted ‘Most Wittiest’ my senior year.”

What did you do after graduation?

“I graduated from Grundy in 1987 and installed fire protection sprinklers for a while before going into law enforcement.

“My first police job was as an officer in Tracy City. I also worked as a jailor and a deputy at the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office and as a deputy at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

“While I was working in Grundy County I attended the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy in 1990.”

You are now with the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

“Yes, I was hired by the THP in 1994 and attended Trooper Cadet School. My first assignment was in the Chattanooga District, in Marion County. In 2009 I transferred to investigations and now work out of Nashville. I am assigned to the Highway Patrol’s Special Investigations Bureau as part of a team that investigates Driver’s License Fraud and Identity Theft cases across the state. In January, I will have been with the THP for 21 years.”

Let’s switch gears. Can you tell us about your family?

“In December, my wife Tammy and I will be married 24 years. When I first saw her in high school, I immediately fell in love with her. It took a couple of years to convince her that she felt the same way about me.

“We have two children, Beth, 22, who just graduated from TSU, and MiKayla, 16, a junior at Grundy County High School.

“We love to spend time together, doing anything at all. We like to watch Grundy County High School sports. MiKayla plays basketball for the Lady Jackets so that is my favorite. Our most enjoyable time is watching our daughters succeed in whatever they attempt in life.”

What do you like about Grundy County?

“With my job, I could have requested assignment in any county in the state. I have always chosen to stay close to Grundy County. The place is beautiful and the people are the greatest. I feel I am qualified to say that because I know almost everyone in the county.”

Now, the fun question. What would surprise our readers about you?

“With being in law enforcement for over 20 years, folks know a lot about me. What folks don’t know – due to pressure from my oldest daughter, I have recently started to work on my college degree.

“I am a news junkie – the Herald, the internet, and the television. I am obsessed with the T.V. show ‘Breaking Bad.’

“I try to take my chocolate lab, Sadie, to L&L every Sunday morning and get her a chicken leg or grilled chicken sandwich.

“And, someday I would like to enter the political arena.”

Stacy has been named Trooper of the Year for the most felony arrests in the Chattanooga District and has received the distinguished Colonel’s Award. However, he says his biggest accomplishments are marrying his beautiful wife, Tammy, and being blessed with two wonderful daughters.