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Posted on Monday, September 15, 2014 at 11:47 am

Clint ShrumGreat news about the changes to the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office is being heard throughout the county. We welcomed the opportunity to talk to Sheriff Clint Shrum about his background and his plans for helping Grundy County.

It has been an extremely busy time for you and your staff. I appreciate you taking the time to talk to the Herald. Many people in the county already know your background, but can you fill us in? “Yes. I was born and raised in Tracy City. My parents are Ralph and Nellie Shrum. A lot folks know my dad – he is the pastor at the Living Water Church in Tracy City.

“I went to Tracy City Elementary. But, I did have the honor of going to the Shook school for a few years. After Tracy Elementary, I went on to Grundy County High School. I was a football player and I was the Vice-President of the Student Council my junior year. I graduated in 1990 and was voted Most Popular by my fellow students.”

What path did you choose after high school? “I went directly into law enforcement. I trained at the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy and after graduation my first job was with the Tracy City Police Department. In 1998, I moved to the Winchester Police Department and worked there for eight years.

“Then, I took a position with the Governor’s Highway Safety Office in 2006.”

That must have been an interesting job. “It was. It was a great job, but it involved a lot a road time.”

How did you make the decision to run for Grundy County Sheriff? “I’m from here. I have witnessed the ups and downs of the office over the years. I knew that I had the experience from my years of training and working in law enforcement. I also felt that I had the resources from working with officials across the state.

“I think I can bring a freshness to the office the county needs.”

As you traveled Grundy County during the campaign, what immediate needs did you see? “We need a stable income foundation. When you have poverty at level like it is in Grundy County you are going to see crime go up. Once we have an increase in jobs we will see crime go down.

“I am looking at crime reports for the county to see where current criminal activity is right now.

“I am also working with our new County Commissioners, County Mayor, and other elected officials to help spread our vision to the community. People want change and to progress into the future. They are tired of living in the past and want to get to the next level. It is with this spirit that we are proceeding.”

Your family has been very supportive during your campaign. “Absolutely! My wife Eileen and my daughter Hannah, who is 12, have been with me all the way. I could not have done this without their support.”

What do you like to do as a family? “We are big Nashville Predators fans. We have two dogs, Asher and Layla. Really, family time just happens for us. We have never had to plan it, and I am thankful we are a tight-knit family.”

You mentioned that your dad is a pastor. “He is. I am an assistant pastor at the same church, the Living Water Church. It is an important part of our family life. I recently went on three mission trips to Honduras and completed both humanitarian aid and church work. I feel that I really have it in me to help wherever I can. I want to expand my calling.”

You seem to be an open book. Is there anything that might surprise our readers? “Well, I sing at my church. I used to sing in a gospel group. And, I play the drums!”

If you know Clint, you know he talks fast. But, he is not a “fast-talker.” He has good ideas for the sheriff’s office and the county and he wants to make sure you know what they are. He will be keeping you informed of progress the sheriff’s office is making through his column, “The Sheriff’s summary.”