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Meet Your Neighbor

Posted on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at 11:11 am

NOW Tyler McCulloughTyler McCullough is the new Grundy County Trustee. Busy training for his new position in the Marion County and Sequatchie County Trustee’s offices, he made time to stop by the Herald. He worked covering the county during the election and we wanted to know why he decided to run.

Thank you for coming to the office. Let’s get started with some family background. You are from Grundy County. Can you tell us where you grew up? “I was raised in Palmer. My parents are Danny and Betty McCullough.”

Did you go to Palmer Elementary? “Yes. Then I went to Grundy County High School. I graduated in 2004.”

What are some of your favorite high school memories? “I graduated in the top 10 percent of my class and I was a member of AWJ. I played football for the Jackets and I guess one of my favorite memories is Friday Night Football. Coach Colquitt was the best coach I ever had.”

What did you do after high school? “I went to college at MTSU and then transferred to Chattanooga State. I became an EMT with Grundy EMS. I eventually had to leave that job because of family health issues and take over our family business, McCullough Auto Parts in Palmer.”

You have a beautiful wife and children. “Yes, my wife Meredith and I married in 2009. We have two girls, Megan 16, and Morgan, 14.”

You ran two successful campaigns this year. But, let’s back up and look at the reason you wanted to run. “I love working in accounting and after much prayer, I knew this was the job for me.”

What will you bring to the office of Trustee? “I want to continue to update technology and I will bring enthusiasm and excitement.”

You are an evangelist. Can you tell us about that? “I travel to different churches. I am non-denominational and fill in where I am needed and preach at revivals. I recently returned from a mission trip to Honduras where I was able to evangelize and celebrate with the people there. One part of my experience as an evangelist that I really enjoy is working with people with addictions. I am able to help them get into Christian rehabs and hopefully change their lives.”

You traveled Grundy County during your campaign. What are some needs that you saw? “We need something for our young people. There is nothing here. I hope to work on something for them.”

What is your favorite thing about this county? “I like that everywhere you go, you know most everybody. Everybody is close. And, everybody helps each other in their time of need.”

It has been a busy year for you and your family. What do you do in your free time? “Tennessee football! I also like to hunt and fish. We take family vacations – we love to go to Florida.

Tyler will be sworn into office on Friday, August 29, at the Grundy County Courthouse in Altamont at 6:30 p.m. Beginning September 2, you will find him in the Trustee’s office at the courthouse. Stop in and say “hi.”