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Marlee Jay’s Journey

Posted on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 at 10:38 am

Prayers from across the country have been going up for Marlee Jay Roberts these past weeks. Born with a congenital heart problem, Marlee Jay recently received a new heart.

The daughter of Jordan Broyles and Gage Roberts of Franklin County, Marlee Jay was born on Dec.mber 14, 2014, with one of the rarest heart defects in the world, Ebstiens Anomaly.

Jordan and Gage knew prior to Marlee Jay’s birth that her chances of survival were slim. Doctors estimated that she had less than an eight percent chance to make it to full term, and even smaller odds post-delivery. They held tight in their faith and prepared for the ride of their lives.

Marlee Jay Roberts“Marlee Jay was in the hospital for 17 weeks straight. She endured five major open heart surgeries and defied the odds time and time again,” says her mother.

Nevertheless, her battle was far from over. Marlee Jay needed to complete a series of surgeries to repair her heart.

“Our plan was to go home and wait until she was big enough for the next phase in her surgery process. Unfortunately, her heart failed again at home, just a few weeks after discharge.

“We were readmitted to Vanderbilt with a new diagnosis. Marlee Jay’s heart was just too sick to be repaired. She needed a transplant to live.”

After a few months, Marlee Jay finally received her gift of life. Jordan and Gage received a phone call on August 5, at 9 p.m., with the news they had been waiting for – a chance for their daughter to live.

“Marlee Jay had a heart. We went into surgery shortly after and Marlee Jay did it again. She surprised everyone with her strength and will to survive when all of the odds were placed against her.”

Marlee Jay’s parents watched her recover within a few short days. At press time, the family is still at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital with no set date for discharge.

“We have been abundantly blessed. We cannot thank everyone enough for the immense amount of support that has been given during this journey we have endured.

“We owe our lives to the family who decided to give life to a child after they had lost their own. If it wasn’t for them, Marlee wouldn’t be here today.

“Gage and I have made a promise to never take this gift for granted,” says Jordan. “However much time we have on this earth, we will spend every second making sure Marlee Jay feels love with every breath she takes.

You can follow Marlee Jay’s recovery on Facebook at Marlee Jay’s Prayer Warriors.