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Mandatory Water Restrictions

Posted on Thursday, November 17, 2016 at 9:49 am

Notice Effective Immediately according today’s meeting with Tri-County Drought Team



With persisting and intensifying drought conditions, Monteagle Utility District, Sewanee Utility District, Tracy City Utility District  must impose MANDATORY WATER RESTRICTIONSrotarynozzleirrigation as Big Creek Utility District has already done. These restrictions will begin Thursday, November 17, 2016. Please use water for essential purposes only. Essential uses include, but are not limited to, drinking, cooking, sanitary use and firefighting.





Non-essential uses include, but are not limited to;



  • car washing
  • house washing
  • using water to clean sidewalks, patios and driveways
  • construction purposes for dust control
  • firefighter training

*Commercial car washes are permitted since they are generally lower flow nozzles and more water conservative


The U.S. Drought Monitor shows Grundy County to be in the severe – extreme intensity value of our current drought. Big Creek Utility District uses this Monitor to gauge and anticipate future drought conditions. The forecast is for the drought to continue for the next couple of months, which causes increased concern for the

water level of the lake.



Thank you or your cooperation with this matter. Hopefully we will get rain soon.





  1. Governor Haslam has fire band in 51 out the 95 Tennessee Counties



  1. Steve Lamb, John Condra and Kevin Gilliam are collectively pursuing emergency funding that maybe available during this time.



  1. Per earlier email today Rest Areas will be on 1-24 will be closed during the .week and open on weekends and

Holidays only..                                                                                                                ·



  1. Water Level are 7 feet and 10 inches as of today for the town of Monteagle.  120 days of water per daily usage 165



  1. At present another Tri-County Drought Water Meeting is scheduled for noon on November 30 at Monteagle

Town Hall..