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“Everyday Cheapskate” Little Ways to Save Time and Money

Posted on Wednesday, June 10, 2015 at 10:00 am


everyday cheapskate - mary huntmary hunt

Clog-free pet wash

When giving your dog or cat a bath in the sink, cut a circle the size of your drain out of a green scrubbie pad. Place the pad in the drain to keep it from clogging with animal hair. — Mary

Book bargains

Look in the “for sale” section of your local library for inexpensive books. We find books for adults and kids for $2 or less. I always look there for a book I am interested in before spending a lot at a bookstore, and sometimes I get lucky. — Sommer

Online thrifting

Goodwill is no longer just a chain of walk-in thrift stores. They now have a website,, an Internet auction site operated by a nonprofit organization. It’s a great place to browse high quality donation items from across the country. You can find designer items like purses or shoes that are in great condition for a fraction of the retail price. — Brenda

Not just for teeth

To remove pen or magic marker from nearly any hard surface — stained wood, plastic, baby doll faces, walls, flooring — use toothpaste! It works better than anything I’ve ever tried. Just don’t use whitening varieties on colored surfaces. — Jennifer

Body wash for hands

Since I don’t like using fancy, scented body washes in the shower, I never know what to do with all the bottles I get for Christmas and birthdays. One day it occurred to me that body wash is just soap, so I put some into my hand soap pump dispensers in the bathroom and kitchen.

Now my family can enjoy the scented soap. — Cathy

Oven roasted

I took Mary’s advice and ordered green coffee beans. Not ready to invest in a coffee roaster, and also not having an air popcorn popper at the time, I roasted my beans on the stove, in a cast-iron frying pan. The coffee was delicious, and my frying pan loved it, too. The oils in the beans gave my pan a beautiful, smooth, seasoned finish that it never had before. The next batch I roasted in another pan that was in need of loving care, and it too ended up with a beautiful mirror-finish. I adore my cast-iron frying pans and love to see them smile. — Maria

Centerpiece ringer

When looking for a last-minute centerpiece, I filled a lovely platter with votive candles and placed metal napkin rings of different metals and colors around each candle. — Natalie

Healthy snack

Instead of throwing out broccoli stems, grate them and add them to salads or slaw. Or peel them and cut them into sticks, as you would carrots, to eat as a snack. Broccoli sticks are yummy and good for you. — Janice