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Incident Report from School Lockdown Subject’s Interview

Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2017 at 3:03 pm

The following is from the incident report filed by the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office after interviewing and charging Casey Anderson with filing false reports concerning a gun being at a Grundy County school on Monday. Anderson is a school board member, representing Pelham. 

“On November 27, 2017 at approximately 08:30 am I was informed by the principal at the high school Mrs. Deidre Helton that the principal at Swiss Elementary Jamie Ruehling had called her with a concern about a report he got from one of his students grandparents. Mr. Ruehling informed Mrs. Helton that Mr. Herbie Hackworth said he and his wife received a text from their grandson mother, Mrs. Casey Anderson. The text stated that Mrs. Casey Anderson was not sending her son to school because she had concerns about a gun being at the school tomorrow. After receiving the information, the Director of Schools,  Mrs. Jessie Kinsey placed all of the schools on soft lockdown. The Grundy County Sheriff’s Office completed a search of all the schools which came up clean (with no gun) and the soft lockdown was lifted. The schools returned to regular schedule. After being interviewed by Sgt. Larry Sims and Chief Deputy Tony Bean, Mrs. Casey Anderson stated that some of her family and her had talked about school shootings. Like the New York shooting and other school shootings. Then she stated that husband had come in and stated he couldn’t find his handgun. Mrs. Anderson stated she went to sleep and woke up from a nightmare and text a message to Mr. Hackworth. The text was about her nightmare and she stated she wasn’t sure she was totally awake but did at her own admission state that she did send a text message concerning a gun being at the school. Mrs. Casey Anderson is being charged with false reports. This happened in Grundy County, TN.”