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Horoscopes 1-31-19

Posted on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 at 11:44 am

AQUARIUS (Jan 20– Feb 18): Fasten your seat belt and put your tray table in its upright position. You’re about to take flight — and that applies to every possible corner of your life, but most especially to affairs of the heart. So if you’ve been seeing someone casually, that won’t be the case any longer. One or both of you will either want to make a commitment or say your goodbyes. But don’t worry; the heavens are chock full of romance, and betting on anything other than commitment just wouldn’t be prudent.

PISCES (Feb 19 – March 20): Every picture tells a story, so go ahead and dig out those old snapshots of you and that long-lost someone you haven’t talked to in forever. Wow — look how much fun you guys had together! Isn’t it a shame you drifted apart and lost touch? Wouldn’t it be great to get in contact and see how they’re doing now? And isn’t it funny that these are all questions you can answer?

ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 19): After days of heavy, intense conversations, you’ve finally reached a compromise of sorts. You’ll keep talking, but there will be absolutely no arguing. If you can’t see eye to eye, you’ll agree to disagree. Initially, that might not sound like progress. But if you think of where you’ve come from, you’ll realize that it’s not just progress — it’s the beginning of a whole new style of com-munication, and it will lead to a whole new type of un-derstanding.

TAURUS (Apr 20 – May 20): It’s quite tempting to tell others what they need to hear, especially when you’re sure you could really help them. You need to avoid inter-ference now, though. Hold your tongue — and keep it held. It’s totally essential that people make their own mistakes today. If you keep after them, they can’t learn anything — except that you’re always there to save the day.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You’re ready to make such a big splash that the people around you should carry umbrellas. Only the best is good enough for now, and that’s definitely a welcome change of pace from your usual low-key self. You’re great at playing house and saving bucks, but now and then you need to indulge in some lavish little something that shows you just how awesome life can be.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Try to avoid tak-ing much of anything at face value right now. Instead, try looking beneath the surface and get at someone else’s motives. This is particularly smart if a deal seems too good to be true, or the person on the other end seems just a bit too anxious for you to agree then and there with no time for questions. Just smile and tell them you need time to think, and then decide later.

LEO (July 23 – Aug 22): The intellectual in you is very curious right now, and it could start reading more into someone’s statements than they actu-ally mean. So be careful not to make any commitments based on your hunches or assumptions. You’re not completely objective right now, and there is a good bit of wishful thinking at play, here. It’s not that you can’t trust your own judgments, it’s just that you might want to get a second opinion about things before moving forward.

VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sept 22): You’ll easily be able to keep all of your emotions in check today, no matter what kind of hassle you have to deal with. Traffic woes won’t worry you in the least — you’ll have great music on the radio to keep you happy. Grouchy co-workers won’t even bug you, because you’ll be content to just do your work and do it well. The outside world simply has no pull with you, right now! There’s a calm-ness and clarity inside of you that keeps you on an even keel.

LIBRA (Sept 23 – Oct 22): You’re feeling wonderful. Exhilarated, excited and anxious for all new things to happen. Well, here’s a news flash: Just thinking about change the way you are means it’s already started. Everything begins as a thought — as an idea — right? So now your only job is to get the show on the road with some action. Map out a battle plan on paper and get started.

SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 21): Every now and then, you need to get emotionally intense, experience a tender exchange of sentiments or just sit down and have a heart-to-heart with someone. This is definitely one of those times. You won’t settle for anything that even remotely smacks of a surface encounter. You want depth, intensity and passion — and if you don’t get them, you’ll take your toys and go home.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 21): The amount of energy it will take you to avoid conflict today might not be worth it, so if an argument is looming at home or a scene is brewing at work, just go with it and see what happens. It might end up being nothing but an entertaining episode you can talk about later with friends — just try to think the best of the situation. And even if things end up not going very well, don’t worry — you are much better off facing this situation head-on, anyway.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 19): If you are confused about a big decision, you need to get more information — it’s as simple as that. It takes the sun to burn off the fog, and it takes details to make the picture you’re looking at clearer. So do whatever you have to in order to better understand the options ahead of you. Ask the right questions of all the right people. Make a chart. Use color coding. Sort things alphabetically. Do whatever it takes to know this thing inside out.