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High on the Hog to be Featured on Reality Show

Posted on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at 10:07 am




Melissa-Ramski-host-of-Kids-Take-Nashville-300x300Young musical performers from a Nashville reality television will be in town on Friday night at the High on the Hog.

Aspiring singers of the new show Kids Take Nashville are scheduled to take the stage at the carnival and a portion of the show will even be taped there.

According to a news release, two of the kids’ performances will be filmed at the High on the Hog at 6:30 p.m. Friday night. In addition to these young performers, the host of the show Melissa Ramski, the Stagger Moon Band and Julie Gribble are scheduled as entertainment.

Franklin County Kiwanis Club members are excited to about this opportunity to have these talents showcase their talent at the High on the Hog.

According to Kiwanis member Brenda Long, Kids Take Nashville is a great, family show and invites everyone to come out to see these future stars perform.

About the show

Ordinary kids doing something extraordinary — this is what the show, Kids Take Nashville, is all about.

It takes ordinary kids ages 4 to 14 on a journey that could land them a music career in Nashville.

The show features music industry veterans such as Patsy Trigg. Patsy had the mega hit and triple platinum record “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.”

In addition to Trigg, Microwave Dave joins the cast.

Microwave Dave had the mega hit “Roadrunner” and performs it for the kids as he mentors them on the art of stage presence. Patsy and Microwave Dave are truly inspirational mentors for not only the kids, but their parents too.

It is a no drama show. So, those tuning in to see a spectacle of drama mamas will not find it on this reality show.

The show follows each kid as they record in the studio. A few even attempt a music video. The show promotes only the positive nature of kids.

The kids and parents are coached in a positive environment so that every memory is warm and yet exciting. This helps build each child’s selfconfidence as they strive to make their dream of being a music star a reality.

There are a few standouts in the crowd for sure. However, most of the 15 kids have never had a music lesson, let alone stand in front of a microphone with ear sets on and everyone staring at them.

For most, that would be very intimidating, however, this group of kids wasn’t intimidated at all. In fact, they did well, relaxing into the session and recording their song.

Many of the songs recorded will be in upcoming movies. “I Can Fly” recorded by 5-year-old Destiny Christian will be in the animated movie “It’s A Merry Christmas When Pigs Fly.”

The song “Hero”, recorded by 11-year-old Veronica Anderson will be in the animated movie “Toodles The Pink Poodle.” Viewers will also hear “You Are Loved” recorded by 9-year-old Mia Bailey in the anti-bulling film “Tuff KooKooshka”.

The host of Kids Take Nashville is Country Music recording artist Melissa Ramski. She also ran a mentoring session for Entertainment Law.

Her session “Avoiding The Sharks” is a must for the entertainment industry. In addition, Ramski also performed what is sure to be a hit “Moon pie My Old Friend”. She also shows the kids and parents how to record a music video with her song “Never Give Up”.

The show will follow the top six kids — Carly Green, Mia Bailey, Landon Wall, Veronica Anderson, Alaska Mathews and Bailey Brandner for 22 episodes.

Kids Take Nashville will air on the AMC network with the first episode to air Sunday, April 20.