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Health Check

Posted on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 1:06 pm

Spring is coming! And then summer will be here before we know it! Summer means bathing suits to most folks. That may mean a diet to you.

How can we know if the latest “diet” is really good for us and not another fad? Lots of diets have come and gone over time. Some of them seemed really good in the beginning but the longer the diet has been around, often bad side effects begin to show up.

Food keeps our bodies working. The little nutrients, which make up the food, are used to feed all our cells. These do not come through highly processed, chemically laden foods. These important nutrients come by eating a wide variety of good, whole foods.

So when considering a diet, here are some red flags you can spot very quickly. These include any diet that tells you to eat mostly one type of food such as protein. Or to leave off the wholesome natural foods such as beans and rice.

The following diet guidelines can help you get the greatest number of nutrients while still feeling satisfied plus can help trim your waistline:

Read food labels and chose foods that have the fewest ingredients listed

Choose to eat foods that don’t have a food label as often as possible

Eat foods that need to be chewed since digestion begins in your mouth

Avoid just drinking meals as you are missing the satisfaction of chewing

Shop first in the fresh food and frozen vegetable sections of the store

Chose an apple over apple juice, an orange over orange juice, whole wheat bread over white bread, whole wheat pasta over white pasta

Chose to roast your food rather than fry it

Chose to fix your food in the least amount of water possible rather than lots of water, which you just have to drain off

Eat a variety of vegetables instead of the same two or three that you usually eat

Eat more servings of fruits and vegetables

Plan to eat something fresh with every meal

By consistently making better choices, this becomes our new lifestyle and we will not need to ‘diet.’ We are bombarded on every side with diet and food ads! But we can be confident in the good food choices we make if we follow these diet principles.

Choose Health!