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Grundy’s February Weather Report

Posted on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at 1:56 pm

Ryan Travis and his mother, Michelle, built this snowman after 4.3 inches of the white stuff fell on February 12 along with a high of 33 degrees and low of 8 degrees according to official Big Creek Utility District stats.

“I’m ready for some global warming,” said William Ray Turner, 88. The groundhog saw his shadow in most of the nation on February 2 and that must have been true because Grundy County sure had plenty of winter weather in February.

The high temperature for February was 65 degrees on February 19 and 23 while the low for the month was 8 on February 12. February had 17 days with lows in the 20’s, five days with lows in the teens, one with 12 degrees, and one with a low of 8 degrees. On 13 days the highs were in the 50’s or 60’s.

A bitter freeze hit February 5 with a high of 38 degrees and low of 20 then the next day the high was 27 with a low of 20. February 8 and 9 both had a high of only 36 degrees.

Rainfall for February was 4.94 inches at Big Creek with the big rain event on Groundhog Day of 2.13 inches with a high of 53 degrees and low of 30. The hog should not have seen his shadow but since we don’t have an official groundhog in Grundy County we can’t be certain. Maybe Willene Campbell, Janelle Taylor, Jackie Partin, and Donna Lovelace from the Grundy County Historical Society will round us up on for Groundhog Day 2015. The official snowfall total for February was 4.3 inches.

We recorded 6.4 inches of the wet stuff in “rainy Palmer” and Valentine’s Day was cloudy and gloomy with some rain that night. Old Mother Nature must really like the Grundy County Spelling Bee. It was held at Coalmont Elementary on February 11 and had a high of 42 degrees and low of 20 with beautiful sunny skies. Mr. David Taylor had 8 degrees for a low in Pelham on February 27

“Tick, tick, tick.” No, that’s not the soothing sound of your clock. Jerry Harrison found the first tick of the year February 22 on a dog so a hard winter doesn’t slow down the creepy crawly things much. We heard our first frogs singing on February 18.

The winter of 2013-14 has been hard on everyone including our friends Doyle Doss and Wally Nolan who said, “The only thing I don’t like about living on the mountain is all the cold weather.”

This weather report may be viewed soon on the Grundy County Historical Society website at