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Grundy Flocks to Polls in Record Numbers

Posted on Thursday, November 5, 2020 at 9:40 am

By Erin McCullough

Nearly half of all registered voters in Grundy County cast their ballots during the two-week early voting period, according to information from Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett’s office.
The secretary of state released information after each day of the early voting period tallying the number of early and absentee ballots processed during the early voting period. According to that information, hundreds of Grundy County voters let their voice be heard either in person or by mail to choose either President Donald J. Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden to lead the nation for the next four years.
By the time the polls closed Thursday afternoon Oct. 29, 3,701 Grundy County voters had cast their ballot, or 44.14% of the electorate.
According to the secretary of state’s office, this year’s early voting turnout was 54.92% higher than the 2016 presidential election and a staggering 101.36% higher than the 2012 presidential election. There were 2,389 votes cast during the two weeks of early voting in 2016 and just 1,838 in 2012.
According to the data, Grundy County is one of the top 10 counties for in-creased voter turnout during the early voting period from both 2016 and 2012. The county is seventh in increase from 2016 and fourth in increase from 2012.
The day with the largest voter turnout was final day of early voting, Thursday, Oct. 29, which saw 500 Grundy Countians head the polls. On average 250 cast their ballot in person during the early voting period, while an average of 14 absentee ballots were processed each day of the period.
Combined, the average votes tabulated during the two-week period was 264.
According to Grundy County Election Commissioner Wayne Harris, more Grundy Countians cast their ballot during the early voting period than on Election Day.