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Grundy EMS receives award

Posted on Friday, April 20, 2018 at 8:57 am

The Southeastern Emergency Medical Service Director’s Association awarded Grundy Emergency Medical Service for 2017 Medical Call of the Year. The service and crew members were recognized at an awards banquet on March 22, at Camp Jordan Arena, in East Ridge.
The nomination for the Medical Call of the Year reads:
“EMS dispatched for a 47-year-old female experiencing episodes of syncope. Stacy Hewitt and Stacie Meeks, both Critical Care Paramedics, responded immediately. AEMT Tommy Myers heard the call and responded from his home to provide assistance.
“Upon arrival the patient was found unresponsive lying in the floor. Her skin was pale, cool, and clammy. Family members state she awoke that morning complaining of a severe headache and had several syncopal episodes. Patient was transferred onto a draw sheet, due to limited space, for transfer to stretcher.
“Assessment revealed constricted pupils and abnormal breath sounds; course crackles bi-laterally.
“Vitals were obtained. Oxygen administered due to low O2 SAT, an IV was established, and cardiac monitor applied. Patient was suctioned after she appeared to be gagging, no findings when suctioned. Albuterol treatment was administered, as well as Narcan. A 12 Lead was acquired, revealed Sinus Tachycardia at 113.
“Patient’s O2 SAT and skin condition and color improved with interventions. She remained verbally unresponsive and lethargic with spontaneous movement of her upper extremities and a grabbing motion with her hands.
“She was transported to St. Thomas hospital by Air EVAC 44 crew.
On arrival to ED, further evaluation and testing discovered a ruptured subdural hematoma. Survival report was grim. After several days the patient began to progress. Following a lengthy hospital stay and twenty days of physical therapy, the patient is at home and has suffered slight deficits with the possibility of a full recovery.”
This crew displayed great teamwork as they worked rapidly and diligently, providing quality care to ensure that their patient could have a chance at a full recovery. All these medics have made a commitment and are dedicated to their profession and community.
(In 2017, Grundy EMS received the award for Trauma Call of the Year for the 2016 rescue of a 22-year-old man who had fallen 25 feet while exploring a cave in Altamont.)