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Grundy County Schools Exemplary in 2017

Posted on Friday, October 27, 2017 at 9:01 am

Congratulations are in order for Grundy County Schools being named an exemplary district for 2017 by the Tennessee Department of Education. The Grundy County School District received the state’s highest designation of exemplary as result of their students exceeding the growth expectation on average for both all students and each historically underserved student groups. In addition, Pelham Elementary School was named a reward progress school in 2017. Pelham Elementary was awarded this honor due to being in the top five percent of schools with the highest progress in the state (using one-year TVAAS index values).
Commissioner McQueen stated these congratulations to Director of Schools, Jessie Kinsey, “This is certainly an honor and a testament to your leadership and the excellence displayed by your educators as they help all students grow every year – even as we are transitioning to higher expectations! Also, congrats to Pelham Elementary for being named a reward school for progress.”
This past year, Grundy County High School’s graduation rate was 94.21 percent, as compared to the State of Tennessee graduation rate of 89.1 percent. The district’s attendance campaign of “All Day, Every Day” has allowed teachers to reach more students as the overall attendance rate has improved by 4 percent.
Kinsey stated, “We set goals in accordance with our strategic plan, which served as a vision for all that we wanted to accomplish with regards to student academics and opportunities. We have made progress across the board, but still have a lot of ground to gain. The credit for our success goes to our administrators, faculty and staff, parents, and students. I will continue to be a vital leader of this work of improving education in Grundy County.”
Most impressive, none of the surrounding county school districts that Grundy typically competes with for comparability was labeled by the TNDOE as exemplary.
For more information regarding 2017 accountability, please go to
The school district is hosting a celebration of these accomplishments on November 9, at 4 p.m., at the Grundy County High School cafeteria.