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Grundy County pays tribute to veterans

Posted on Thursday, November 1, 2018 at 2:59 pm

Annually, on Veteran’s Day, the Grundy County Veterans Historical Society focuses public attention on living service men and women in our county who have served or are currently serving in the nation’s military. The Grundy County Herald prints the names of our living veterans and the list will be on GCTV during the Grundy County Veterans Historical Society’s Veteran’s Day program on November 9.
Readers and viewers are asked to help make the list more accurate. Keep in mind that this is a list of living veterans (deceased veterans are recognized separately on Memorial Day). If you know of a living veteran whose name is not on the list, or of one who is on the list but has passed away, please contact a Veteran’s Historical Society member and help update the records. This can be done by calling Betty Jo Turner at 779-5020.
“We urge everyone to read the November 8 edition of the Herald and tune in to GCTV as the list is being read, jot down the names of those you know have served, and make a special effort to convey gratitude to the veterans that you come in contact with. Something as simple as a phone call or a text or a card of thanks, will show them our appreciation,” said Ray Winton, president of the Veteran’s Historical Society. “It’s a small, but meaningful thing that each of us can do, which will make that vet’s day brighter.” Mr. Winton also suggests that expression of gratitude be made to those who sponsor this program. A list of these sponsors is included the Veterans Day edition of the Grundy County Herald, adjacent to the veteran’s name list.
In addition to reading the names of our living veterans, the Veteran’s Historical Society will recognize one living Veteran from each community as the Living Veteran of the Year 2018, on GCTV.
“Please, consider becoming involved in any or all of the aspects of this worthy cause that continues to recognize the service of our Veterans, the service of their families, and preserving the history of Grundy County Veterans,” asked Winton.
The next event to recognize our veterans will be the WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam Veteran’s Luncheon on December 7 (Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day), at 12 p.m., at the Coalmont Community Center. This year, the Veterans Historical Society is adding Korean and Vietnam veterans. If you know a WWII Veteran, Korean War, or Vietnam War veteran, please invite them to attend this event and turn in their name and a guest to Gayle VanHooser at 931-692-3621. The group asks that if you would like to volunteer for the event, let Gayle know as well.