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Grundy County Enters 30th Year In Spelling Bee

Posted on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 1:01 pm

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Grundy County elementary schools have been participating in the County and Regional Spelling Bee for the past 30 years. This regional event is sponsored by the Chattanooga Times-Free Press each year for area schools to compete and send their finalists to advance to the National Spelling Bee held in Washington, D.C. The event begins at the classroom level for grades 4-8 then progresses to the school-wide competition.

The Grundy County Spelling Bee is held with 30 participants, 5 finalists representing each of the six elementary schools. This year the County Spelling Bee was held on February 11, 2014, at Coalmont Elementary. Several rounds of words were given from the pronouncer, Mr. Bill Nunley, and each speller completed the spelling of the word given to him/her. The contest was one of double elimination.   The last four finalists will advance to the Regional Spelling Bee in Chattanooga on Saturday, March 15, 2014. The County Spelling Bee has always been one of the highlights for students, parents, schools, and their spelling coaches.  Spelling Bee coaches, students and their parents put countless hours into preparing for this colossal event!

Again, we were honored by Mr. David Patton, a local citizen and Palmer Town Historian, for founding the following awards:  9th Annual David Patton Spelling Award, the 8th Annual Louise Geary Layne Courtesy Award, the 7th Annual Y.B. Ashby Teamwork Award, and the 3rd Annual Faithful Attendance Award, which recognizes a Spelling Bee participant who has perfect attendance. We were also grateful to have Ms. Tressie Jo Kennedy present an award to the winner in memory of her daughter Ms. Shannon Brown.  Ms. Brown was a huge supporter and coach of the Spelling Bee at Swiss and Pelham Elementary Schools. Grundy County Schools are very grateful to Mr. David Patton, Ms. Tressie Jo Kennedy, and all of the local sponsors and supporters of the County Spelling Bee.

The winning school team will gain the right to retain the Grundy County Spelling Bee Team Trophy, which rotates from school to school each year.  This year the winning school was Coalmont Elementary for the second year in a row.

This year’s winners are: First Place – Brittany Church, Coalmont Elementary; Second Place – Gracie Scissom, Palmer Elementary; Third Place – Bailey Brown, Coalmont Elementary; and Fourth Place – Savannah Layne, Tracy City Elementary.

The Eighth Annual Louise Geary Layne Courtesy Award was presented to Ericka Childers, North Elementary.

The Seventh Annual Y.B. Ashby Teamwork Award was presented to Brittany Church, Coalmont Elementary.

The Third Annual Faithful Attendance Award was presented to Gracie Scissom, Palmer Elementary.

Pictured is Mrs. Tressie Kennedy with the 2014 Grundy County Spelling Bee winner Brittany Church of Coalmont Elementary.