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Grundy County Election Update

Posted on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 2:09 pm

We wanted to pass along the Status of the Petition Opposing the Bond Issue for Construction of a Grundy County Detention Center.  The petition was turned in to the Election Office in March and had an April 2nd deadline for the office to verify the signatures and addresses of at least 754 registered voters. 

Not all signers were easily found. Some signed their name one way and were registered to vote differently.  For example,  Susie Mulligan, 102 Oak St, Coalmont, may have been registered as Martha S. Mulligan in Monteagle.  The name Susie could have been counted if we knew she was registered as Martha and moved from Monteagle to Coalmont. (This is not a registered voter, only an example).

Most voter signatures disqualified were because of not being able to locate them in our system or there was a signature issue. 

Originally three were disqualified for signing in pencil but were later added to the original certification because we were told by the state that petitions of this type could have signatures in pencil.

The state election commission granted a seven day extension to the organizers of the petition (providing the extension was approved by the local election commission) for locating signers of the original petition that may have moved locations in the county, or voters that are now registered to vote under a different name. 

Some people mistakenly signed the petition twice but the name was counted only once.

The extension period will end on Friday, April 11 at the close of business, 5:00 p.m.