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Grundy County Election Returns

Posted on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 at 7:30 pm

Unofficial Totals for Grundy County


On Tuesday, November 8, 4836 Grundy County citizens turned out to vote in the general election. Early votes in Grundy County totaled 2413.

In the presidential race, Democratic Party Nominee Hillary Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine received 423 votes while Republican Party Nominee Donald J. Trump and running mate Michael R. Pence received 1887 votes.  Independent presidential candidates Roque De La Fuente and running mate Michael Steinberg received; Gary Johnson and running mate William F. Weld received 80 votes; Alyson Kennedy and running mate Osborne Hart received 3 votes; Mike Smith and running mate Daniel White received 13 votes; and Jill Stein and running mate Ajamu Baraka received 19 votes.

In the United States House of Representatives 4th Congressional District, Republican Party Nominee Scott DesJarlais received 2867 votes while Democratic Party Nominee Steven Reynolds received 1291 votes.

In the Tennessee House of Representatives 43rd Representative District, Republican Party Nominee Paul Sherrell received 2368 votes while Democratic Party Nominee Kevin Dunlap received 1941 votes.

In the Tennessee State 16th Senatorial District, Republican Party Nominee Janice Bowling received 2231 votes while Democratic Party Nominee Mike Winton received 2256 votes.

The Town of Altamont elected Jana Barrett for Mayor with 279 votes and elected Aldermen Jody Allen Campbell with 236 votes and Jimmy Walker with 243 votes.

The Town of Beersheba Springs elected Jackie Eubanks for City Commissioner with 109 votes and Glen Jennings for City Commissioner with 72 votes.

The Town of Coalmont elected Rick Rust for Alderman with 253 votes and Dennis Alan Jones with 242 votes.

In the race for Mayor of Monteagle, Incumbent Marilyn Campbell Rodman received 116 votes; Alexander “Lex” Orr received 47 votes; and David Sampley received 152 votes. In the Monteagle Aldermen race in which two seats are available, Jessica D. Blalock received 206 votes; Kenneth Wayne Gipson received 120 votes; Harry Parmley received 102 votes; and Alvin Powell, Jr. received 110 votes.

No candidates qualified for the three Aldermen seats available in the Town of Palmer. Write-in candidates were Darlene Brooks and Jamie Cooper.

The Town of Tracy City elected James “Bubba” Conry as Alderman with 314 votes and Theron E. Gross with 302 votes.

The referendum for the legal sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises in Tracy City received 154 no votes and 238 yes votes.




Monteagle (Grundy Only)


Rodman 115

Orr 47




Black 206

Gipson 120

Parmley 102

Powell 110

Tracy City referendum legal sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption




James “Bubba” Conry 314

Theron E. Gross 302

114 Write-ins


Early and Absentee Votes

Trump 1739

Clinton 575

TN Senate 16th District

Bowling 1159

Winton 1092


TN House 43rd District

Sherrell 1163

Dunlap 980


Mayor Monteagle

Rodman 81

Alexander 30

Sampley 98


Totals with Absentee/Altamont, G-L, Tarlton, Central

Bowling 877

Winton 702


Dunlap 675

Sherrell 857